Pohnpei Government Employees and Allotments

Apparently Pohnpei Government has stopped doing allotments for its employees. This was ostensibly done with little or no notice. Employees were paid their full paychecks last week and most spent them all. To avoid legal problems with creditors, MLSC Pohnpei Office is open to help those needing to do allotments with the technical processes to set you up. Just create an online Bank of Guam account (visit the Pohnpei Branch for information), then get some information regarding your payee (who is getting the money). The information needed are as follows: a. payee's bank account number, b. whether it is a savings or checking account, c. actual name on the bank account d. a phone number associated with the account. Bring this information to MLSC and someone there will provide a short service for you to get you set up. MLSC is doing this to help you avoid legal problems. Please spread the word unless you can help your family or relatives with this technical matter.


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