Obviously there's more breaking news on DJT and related debates than our usual Micsem-related issues... Basically why are we repeating Youtube, Yahoo and other mainstream media breaking news and almost nothing on our local news? Let's get back to local issues and leave DJT to YouTube and others to cover.


  • Yes Utero, pawnstar just took over Sean Spicer's job at the white house press. No wonder Sean Spicer resigned.
  • Yo @snowden what about all the nagative trump news?
  • Pawnstar, how are your trump news positive to this forum? Can't you realize that the complaints are all about you posting trump news? I supported some of your discussions because they were relate to Micronesia but this is overboard man.
  • All complaints are 13 liberals thats not majority. Thats a minority. 7 out of 13 accounts are cloned and have the same I.P address which means there is 1 person with 7 different accounts. By the way these liberals in here dont complaint about the 60+negative Trump discussions yet complaint about the positive ones. Why is that? Hypocrisy thats why.
  • No, it's called understanding you can't change certain things. Have at it buddy, this is your forum, we just visit. Enjoy.
  • Those U.S. issues that are clearly applicable and presently affecting our lives need to be shared here. There is however a pattern of blanket cut and paste of all matters from the U.S. into this forum. This is mostly coming from PawnStar but he is agitated by the likes of FM, Sarem, etc. FM also posts anti-Trump things that really have no place here or at least are available to us on We can find them. There are forums out there in the Ozarks that have many debaters ongoing about those not clearly present concerns here in the islands. Those that want to psycho-analyze the mental stages of Sean Spicer, Trump, Jr. and Halloway on their behaviors should visit those forums and talk there. Unless you were rejected and stay here and flood our reading enjoying of local issues. There has clearly been a paradigm change in here and it is not appreciated.
  • Please do not accuse me of "agitating" Pornstar.
  • You are totally correct Utero.
  • Sarem you are one of the gang of 13 liberal agitator in here.
  • So true, we need to discuss more issues pertaining to our current state. What's going on locally in Micronesia.
  • Such a sad discussion over a kid with his thumb in his mouth kicking his feet in here. Let's all take a coffee break and ignore the nonsense topics. IT literally takes a click to pass over rubbish topics.

    Things in Micronesia is a little hectic with our leaders trying to get a tighter grip on our compact fund spending. US basically send baby sitters to make sure that we follow a 1-2-3 step procedure to get our grants. This raises hope for states and the few who have been getting push backs and run-around for years. We found out that state and FSM have a different Development plan drafts confusing both sides.

    Roads are rough, wages for educators and medical professionals are still low while millions are spend on travel expense. I visited a municipal office 3 times, one of which was half hour before someone showed up for services that they depend on to bring local revenues.

    Kolonia pass a neat policy against noise nuisance. Trash pickup weekly is only $5 with Kolonia town and $20 for special on-call pickup with Pohnpei Waste management.

    Demand for good rental homes is pretty high. Power outages is still happening weekly with no news yet on cause or permanent solution. Maybe, I'm out of the PUC information loop. Streaming from Netflix is ok on most days while HBO, Hulu and ESPN are blocked from our region. You can get the service with VPN or DNS proxy. Lastly Amazon sellers doesn't deliver most products to FSM.

    Today is cloudy with some rain. Fish is plenty in the markets and it's still breadfruit season.

    Kaselehlie Mainko.
  • Lol Thank you for the updates, Lihndanpei. I miss Pohnpei and the sakau.
  • your insane Pawnstr
  • @Utero - You access the web to post here. What's the difference then to create a FB Closed Group where the Admin can simply Ban Members who go off on Tangents? Create the group, make the guidelines and rules, those who play ball stay, those who don't, don't. Stop whining hoping that someone else will fix this issue when you have the tools to create whatever space you want on Social media.

    After reading the article above, I realized how Anthony Scaramucciwas reminded of a favorite person in this forum.
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