Is US democracy falling apart or are the commotions part of the process--lessons for Micronesia

Election, we've been taught all of our life, is how you distinguish democratic government from autocratic or theocracy. We've learned to accept results--whenever 50% +1 wins. This principle is true whether the election is for a local school board or state Governors, national leaders such as President, Senators, etc.

In the US, President Trump won the presidency election by the process -- electoral college--which the US has been using for a long time.

Now, and for the last several months, with all the demonstrations and negative actions and comments against Trump, such as "he's not my president", how do all of these fit to the democracy model (US style) that we have adopted in Micronesia.

Should we rise up against somebody who got elected because we personally don't want him/her? That's what appears to be happening in the US political climate at this time. We've been taught that 50%+1 is enough to elect one candidate over another.

I hope whatever is happening in the US now does not happen in Micronesia. We should continue to respect the results of our elections, even, when it is 50%+1 margin. I hope our peaceful ways of accepting results of democratically elected officials will continue into the future.


  • Just the media and liberals who are sore losers. The electoral system was set up so that not one single state can dominate the in every election. Democracy is good for Micronesia. Micronesian soocieties was autocratic and despotic before democracy. Before democracy only the cheifly families held all the power.
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