US Independence

What it means for the US to celebrate independence when it still owns island colonies around the world?


  • Which colonies are those?
  • Colonies like Guam, CMNI, Puerto Rico, etc...
  • What about the cofa nations? Puerto Rico just voted and majority want to be part of the US. Guam is a territory and they want to be part of the US. CNMI voted to be commonwealth so how are they colonies?
  • Thoughtful. COFA islands celebrate but in a hush-hush-way. It is different today with NATO and the U.N. The U.N. and NATO becameth because of these wars. We celebrate the U.S. today the way we see it. Back in the day men fight land: not today. Today we celebrate the United States of America Independence.
  • FSM doesn't celebrate 4th of July. Only FSM people who are US citizens do.
  • Nice! But how is it that the U.S. is finally to allow 150M on conditions? Thought your sovereign.
  • Break out the fire crackers Sinbad.
  • Sovereignty has been watered down since when.....every nation needs other nations one way or another.
  • We don't need US to do any thing for FSM but to give FSM money. What ever money US raise its only for US. The same for FSM. Do not worry about any thing else. Every thing else they do for US we are included. If they will do protection for US, we are included.
    So, the only thing we need from US is money. If we got enough, I think FSM can do its part to improve every things including defense of our tiny islands.
    I think FSM got almost every things except money and trust in our self.
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