Trump's Use of Tweeter to Bypass Regular News Organizations

It's clear there are lots of different opinion whether or not President Trump should continue to use his Tweeter account.

Some say it is below the dignity of the Office. Others say it is the only way that he can send unfiltered information to his followersvoters. Many also say that he is doing it because he's a counter-puncher or something like that.

What I see as benefit to him is this: he does not allow anybody to "define" him. I read that at one point during the former George Bush's term in the office, he and his staff made a decision not to counter any false statements or narrative about him (Bush). His staff thought it would be good to take the high-road; to just ignore the constant barrage of false accusations and name-calling; and character assassination.

So that was allowed to continue to be unchallenged or uncorrected--until it was already too late. By the time, Bush's staff decided to take action to make corrections, Bush was already "defined" in the minds of public based on lies and other misinformation that the media was spewing to the public.

So when during one of his (Bush) press conference, somebody in the back threw a shoe toward him; missing him by a few feet; a Middle East expression of disrespect. He ducked and looked small and appear to fit the on-going caricature that the media's onslaught have been painting him to look funny and silly and hated, etc. in public.

So I think it's good for President Trump to continue to use his Tweeter account; to counter any name-calling; to ensure that nobody, "define" him in any way or shape or form. He defines himself; he and only him will paint himself as to who his is or how his public image is. Just some thoughts on this nice Sunday morning. Peace from the islands.


  • Journalism is dead anyway. What we see on TV so called news are all biased and politicized. When journalists get political truths go straight out the door. All the major news organizations are all liberal controlled so what's the use.
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