Democratic National Committee (DNC) Refused To Give FBI Access to "Hacked" Servers

The entire reason for the Democrats "resistance" is because they claim the Russians hacked the DNC / Democratic National Committee servers which lead to Trump winning the 2016 elections over Hillary. Folks everywhere believe the voting machines were hacked but its the servers of the DNC which were hacked. You can't hack the voting Machines because the Machines are not connected to the INTERNET. This entire resistance is about how Wikileaks for access to the DNC files which showed how corrupt the DNC and Hillary are.

The FBI asked permission from the DNC to allow it to look into the servers and the DNC flatly refused to hand over the "hacked" servers. Instead the DNC went to a private company to seek help. All of this was revealed by James Comey, the former FBI director who was fired by Trump.

Why refuse FBI access to the servers? They scream rape yet don't want to be checked if they were actually raped.


  • Might I also add that one of the duty given to the FBI is to look out and find out foreign intels meddling within the US. The Democrats say they were hacked and when the FBI asked to look into the servers the democratic national committee refused to give the servers to the FBI.

    DNC: We were hacked.

    FBI: Can we look at the servers?

    DNC: NO! We can't give you the servers but believe us we were hacked and that's why Trump won.

    FBI: Can our cyber team look at the servers?

    DNC: No!

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