World Bank grants $36 Million to remote Pacific fiber -optics broadband projects

The World Bank to grant $20 million to Kiribati and $16.26 million to the FSM for fiber-optic projects.

- The underwater cables will enable, "high-speed, reliable and affordable internet".

- The $16.26 million will connect Kosrae to Pohnpei, which is already benefiting from high speed internet.

- Plans for Chuuk and Yap are already underway with services expected to start by 2018.



  • Thank you Pawnstar. This is exactly the kind of news we should be seeing.

    This is also the exact project that the CEO for FSMTC is trying to kill to protect his investment.
  • wow! sohn_kawa...One wonders the kind of investment CEO has and how it will be affected by this multi million dollar grant.
  • Sinbad, here is the investment for the CEO and ACCLinks. $4,000,000.00 worth of investment from FSM Telecom. We have sources that say they are business partners.

    Our sources say Huawei bid was $2.1 million but FSMTC requested President Mori to waive the bid process citing costly maintenance from Huawei.

    There is a reason for Huawei charging so much. Huawei has a team of engineers on call for maintenance 24/7. ACCLinks has only one person that provides maintenance support for the "Entire FSM Cellular Network".

    Our sources say the 10% interest paid to ACCLinks for the quarterly cellular revenue may exceed Huawei's yearly maintenance charge of $100k.


  • Here are the figures.

  • CEO is a thief in sheep's clothing. No wonder the chairman agreed not to hire a new vice president for FSM Telecom. It's so he can allow the CEO to get away with anything.
  • Who is the partner with ACCLinks, FSMTC or The CEO, personally? If FSMTC, is it a bad thing for OUR public corporation to invest in a multi million dollar company?

    I think illiterate folks like myself need a little understanding.
  • ACCLinks is partnered with Fredy Perman who is now the CEO for FSM Telecom.

    It is well known that Mr. Perman is more well off than what his previous salary can accord him.
  • Thank you sohn_kawa. Any figure on Fredy Perman's share with ACCLinks?

    I am wondering what percentage of ACCLinks is owned by Fredy to be worth a partner. Not to underestimate Mr. Fredy's worth, but this kind of partnership requires quite a huge sum. Is it really a great amount.
  • Sinbad, I see what you are trying to do here but so not deflect the issue. Whether it is one percent or fifty percent, it is still a while collar crime.

    In terms of partnership, it does not have to be one, all Mr. Perman needs to do is keep pushing business to ACCLinks and he continues to get commissions.

    My sources have informed that both his Ford vehicles were purchased after 2 lucrative deals were made between ACCLinks and fsm telecom.
  • Snowden of Micronesia, I am simply trying to understand the issue and allegations. Fredy has been accused. I am amazed at the degree of wrong doing he is allegedly involved in.

    Now another additional accusation has just been revealed here, pluralized Ford vehicle, an implication of bribery.

    Who knows, maybe his personal business was started by ACCLinks too. Does anyone have access to his bank account? Let's sneak and leak the content of that too.

  • Sinbad, thank you and yes, we are all trying to understand how this issue could have come this far without any negative repercussions.
  • So where are all Fredy Perman's supporters in this forum now that actual documentation has been provided or should I say exposed?
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