In America the liberals are trying to limit freedom of speech and its also happening in this Forum!


Free Speech for Liberals Only?

What a difference 50 years makes. Last night as I turned on the news, I saw my alma mater in a nearly unrecognizable state. In the '60s, the University of California, Berkeley was the birthplace of the campus free speech movement. Today, it's merely a bastion of liberal orthodoxy. It is no longer a marketplace for the free exchange of ideas, but an institution that has been reduced to nothing but a safe space.

The protests at Berkeley this week were another violent reaction in what seems to be a neverending stream of protests and riots. Students took to the streets clad in black clothing and masks in an effort to shut down an event featuring Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos. The reality is the Left is all for inclusivity, acceptance and diversity of thought until it challenges their ideology.

The students who were rioting should certainly be held accountable for their actions. Furthermore, the administrators at Berkeley should be ashamed of themselves. They have a legal obligation to ensure free speech is afforded to everyone on campus.

Events like these at Berkeley demonstrate why the First Amendment is so needed. There is nothing wrong with peaceful protests. In fact, I would argue they should be encouraged. We have found ourselves in the age of political correctness which has led to the rise of safe spaces, censorship, free speech zones and trigger warnings across the country. Yes, people will say controversial things, but it is those very things the First Amendment was designed to protect. Discussion and debate should be encouraged rather than discouraged. This sort of exchange of conflicting ideas is healthy and necessary for democracy to flourish. The answer is always more free speech, even when it's uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, the protests at Berkeley quickly turned into violent riots leading to smashed windows, fires in the streets and even one innocent student being pepper sprayed in the face after an interview with a local television station. The reality is these were not peaceful demonstrations, rather criminal acts of violence.

These violent protesters were doing Milo a favor – not only are they getting him a wild amount of free publicity, they're proving his point about how intolerant the Left can be.

It's a sad state of affairs to realize students at UC Berkeley cannot act as adults and engage in civil discourse, but are instead so intent on ridding their campus of any dissenting opinion. It is shameful, inexcusable behavior.

A university's primary responsibility is to make sure students can safely express their opinions and be heard without fear of violence and repercussions.

In a statement released prior to the event, Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks had this to say:

Despite Dirks' statement, it is clear that the Berkeley system has obviously failed.

Given the response to the violent outbreaks on campus, Berkeley has done nothing to protect the First Amendment, other than halfheartedly pay lip service to the students who were robbed of their free speech rights. As for preaching tolerance, inclusion and diversity, the Berkeley administration should be ashamed they have only extended this right to students of one ideology.

it is becoming obvious you are a narrow minded individual and will continue to do whatever you want even though you know it's wrong.


  • All the folks in here telling me to stop posting discussions that are conservative oriented yet are silence when factsmatters post liberal oriented discussion is no different then what the media and liberals in America are doing in the U.S. In the US right liberals are using violence to silence speakers who have a different view then them. People like me who don't subscribe to that liberal "PC" Bull sh*t! Either you dance to the sake tune as they are or you are a racist homophobic gun totting sexist conservative bigot.

    It won't be surprising if these users have a degree in liberal arts and are ex peace corps volunteers themselves! Lol
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