Survey - Micsem Visitor Survey - US News/Fake News/ Poll

Takes a few extra minutes but let's see if the claims are accurate.


  • So why is pawnstar being singled out? The other dude that always post US/fake news in this forum is that factsmatter guy or girl. Biased this survey is it should include both pawn and factsmatter
  • You guys run out of better things to socialize with that you are resorting to silly things like fake news and fake survey.
  • Its not fake news if its liberal oriented news. And is not worth a discussion if its not pro liberal. And this is the people who call themselves the followers of the party of tolleranc and progress. What a punch snowflake hypocrites.
  • You know what, you are absolutely right Rastaman. The survey has been updated. By the way, anybody taking this seriously should log out and go have a few beers or cocktails to loosen up. It's all for fun.
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    Keep the news coming PS.
  • @mike P, there's surprise in the public opinions. If this forum has any anti-spamming features, nonsensical individuals would have been banned a long time ago. Flagging topics only appear on desktop pages, not on some mobile devices and no one is actively removing the flagged topics. A little php query can fix that. Any NGO public knowledge advocates in FSM we could use to create a public knowledge forum and maybe a few static pages, blog for the public access?
  • lihndanpei, you are obviously much smarter than I am. I sometimes can't log onto my email, but I digress. So the preliminary reading of the results of this survey are interesting. Approx 71% of respondents answered No in regards to viewing countless non-Micronesian related postings on Micsem. Most of the respondents say they live in the FSM, which makes total sense since every one out here is already inundated with the bullcrap happening daily between both sides of this pathetic situation. What I find interesting, and lihndanpei could answer this better than me, there were only 3 Yes responses and 1 I don't care response, all from the same public IP address literally within minutes of each other and all claiming to live in different areas. Again, I'm no techy but it doesn't sound right. I could be mistaken but seems like someone who doesn't like polls is trying to influence a poll to probably claim that it is a fake poll. See, I already have a headache. Time for a starbucks..
  • For the sake of info sharing, let's let the forum reign. Keep our individual likes and dislikes be that, INDIVIDUALS.
  • Show the results of the poll
  • Oh dear... I found a flaw in the survey monkey btw. So if you know how open surveys are done on the internet, it would NOT require that you have one login. Yours is open and only cache a cookie for the active session on the browser. In basic terms, you can enter as many entries as you can from one device and from ONE PERSON if you keep deleting your browsing history or refresh your browser. Lol... I was able to log two "No". That means the rest of it is Rasta and PeewSpawn tapping their little fingers like butterflies. The best way to take close-to-real counts is to count it in here. We know who's who. Just do an old fashion Yes/No poll. Go back and look at how many people have complained in previous threads about the spamming mess, a lot more than your survey counted.

    It's very obvious that many users have left and took some much needed history/knowledge with them due to spamming on this site.
  • Funny because I didn't bother to take the survey. If anything it was the Russians. Those damn Russians.
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