Chuuk State Departure Fee

It is very sad that our leaders think that they can do what they want without any feasibility study on the departure fee impact to our state. Chuuk State raise the departure fee from $20.00 to $40.00 for all non resident of Chuuk. After hearing alot of complaints from the outcry of its citizen the Chuuk State Government reverses its decision based on the so called law that was passed by the Chuuk State Legislature and imposed a $30.00 for all passengers regardless of their nationality. The real problem was how do define who is a resident of Chuuk and who is not. It is very sad that the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) did not properly address who is a resident of Chuuk.

So for now we are doing what we usually do, sia chok mwo pwan wejei ewe OIC "ONLY IN CHUUK"


  • Chuukiss, did you mean a feasibility study? I'm interested to know the purpose of increasing the departure fee.
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    The wording of the law, if I'm not mistaken, is that the increase is to pay for "debt" of Chuuk State. Not sure which "debt" we're talking about.
  • personal wallet
  • We need to know a little bit of a background on this law. Then we will make our case. Many, if not most, of the complains make a lot of sense. But we are expressing our concerns while misaligning it with what the intention of was. So we really need to understand what the intend of the law originally was. We must also try and consider the economic impact if there may be any whether positive or negative. If the intend was for something that is not applicable now, then the makers of this law should revisit it and reconsider its validity.

    Perhaps if there is or are legitimate reasons to retain the law, then appropriate wording should be considered and publicly addressed for everyone's better understanding and approval. Thus an amendment. Tax payers need to know where and what their money is spent on and for.

    Personally, I would not mind paying the extra and additional ten if I see the result with positive result. One of which is to alleviate the funding constraints for maintaining cleanliness of our airport, which is the first and last impression a new visitor may have of Chuuk.

    So if only at least 30% of that increase could be earmarked and spent on the safety, security and tidiness of our airport, and be made known to the paying public with visible results, I am sure they will gladly pay the additional fee with pleasure.

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    It's money circulating within
  • Does it go back to Chuuk's gen. fund?
  • 100% general fund.
  • Hope the money is not going to the Chuuk State Political Commission.
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    hahaha@political commission.
  • Tourists will stop coming, meetings and conferences will be held somewhere and collection will go down instead of going up.
  • other sister states should charge all chuukese $100,00 for departure fees. no infrastucture only diving same old suken ships which they dont protect. charge them for watching their local home made porn.
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    noname & your bucks, you two. go buy yourselves some milk and oreo cookies.
  • Lol to pay off government debt? Thats just not right. Not how our government function. Why target this particular group of people?
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