When did this forum become the White House Public Information Office?

I have been perusing this forum for several years but this year has been a huge disappointment for me. Please stop the Trump posts as well as any other news posts that can be easily found on CNN.

With respect, I had been under the impression this forum was for topics relevant to Micronesia. Yes, the US is a key player here however as I just mentioned above, I am able to find these topics on CNN.

This random postings regarding Trump and Hilary are basically deterring any interest in what this forum used to exude previously.

Thanks in advance.


  • You joined this forum 21 minutes ago buddy. Nice to have back Ina Chok.
  • Hello, Yes, I joined 21 minutes ago as a member however I have been browsing the forum for years. I meant no disrespect by posting this discussion. What I am trying to relay is the fact that this forum has become a news press for US politics.
  • I joined this forum ten years ago(not that it matters) and I agree with sohn_kawa.

    It appears to me that people are avoiding this forum because all they see when they look at it is the right wing crap that a single delusional user posts.
  • There is a better solution. The forum administrator should open a new category for US News and Politics. Then readers interested in Those topics could go there, and those of us interested in FSM issues stay here. I too have been reading this forum for years, but just got bored with US related postings that one can read elsewhere.
  • Thank you for your comment archipelago.

    And I second your solution suzuki.
  • I like that idea too Suzuki.
  • I agree that we either need to create a separate section for US news or otherwise limit the amount of US-related news and propaganda on this forum. There are precious few arenas in which Micronesians can engage in open discussion with one another, and it's already challenging enough that we have a single national newspaper and--respect to Bill Jaynes--it's run by an American. (One who lives here and is essentially a Micronesian himself, but still.)

    Everywhere else on the internet is full of Trump. This should be a place where we can focus on issues directly relevant to our islands.
  • Everything move the US does has a ripple effects and they eeffect on Micronesia and the Pacific has a whole. Case in being is when the US pulled out of the Paris accord couple weeks ago everyone in the pacific lost their G-Damned mind especially the folks in Micronesia. To say US news have no value to micro forum is absurd.
  • PawnStar, as I mentioned before, the US is a key player in Micronesia. However, I also mentioned we do have other mediums other than this forum to access US news.

    This forum is not our only form of access to the outside world. I hope this gets through to you.
  • All these US news are told second third fourth even fifth times by many other medium. Why waste Micronesia news space with news we've heard time after time
  • Pawnstar, just calm down and stop posting your crap. If posting on this forum with the nature of topics you've posted in the past comfort you, please be considerate of the majority of us who don't want to see you posts. My news apps on both my personal laptop and mobile device pops the shit you'er polluting with on this forum. The type of stuff I read early in the morning on the toilet bowl. Let's stick to issues on the ground here in the region. Please just stop! PLEASE!!
  • Sorry but only few get raw outside news in fsm. And when they do its watered down and slanted. We have close to 20 to 30 thousands micros in the US and they make contributions to the US and to FSM. Majority of the micros in the US and back home are oppsess with current events in the US.

    The saying that majority don't want to see US news is just your opinion.
  • Pawnstar, it is becoming obvious you are a narrow minded individual and will continue to do whatever you want even though you know it's wrong.
  • I for one like what he is postings. It counters the fake news posted by factsmatters and that commie coconuts
  • it is becoming obvious you are a narrow minded individual and will continue to do whatever you want even though you know it's wrong.

    Telling me to stop posting news that inform the population of Micronesia yet call key narrow minded. Wow. Disagree with what I post because its conservative yet allowing liberal fake news to be posted yet calls me narrow minded. Wow. Not everyone in fsm have access to good internet connection and they do not see 99% of the outside news, and what im doing is showing them how factsmatters show slanted news yet im narrow minded. Wow. The FSM constitution gives us the freedom to say and post whatever we want yet you want to limit that and somehow im narrow minded. Wow. Hypocrisy!
  • I take it back Pawnstar, you are not narrow minded, just too simple minded to understand the concept of utilizing another forum venue to post non micronesia topics.
  • Wow like I need your approval to post here. Its called free speech my friend.

  • Pawnstar,

    To put it plain and simple, your postings have become a nuisance to all forum participants, period. This forum is not a way to reach Micronesians, as you seem to believe. As a matter of fact, all participants here have access to internet which means they have access to all the news networks out there. I, for one, think you just don't get it. You will keep posting away as you believe you have the right to "say and post" whatever you want. But, I gotta admit, when a significant number of participants are raising a valid concern about someone's actions, that someone needs to do a reality check. Last I check, in the FSM we are not identified by our political parties as we don't have any, so this conservative vs. liberal nonsense is redundant and ridiculous. Heed to the call and let's stick with Micronesian issues, with a little bit of outside news when relevant. Is that good enough?
  • No one is forcing anyone to click on to anything in here least of all me. If someone gives you a crack pipe and say smoke away its up to you to light it up or not to light it up. Its called common sense. Use it.

    And you are wrong. There is a minority in FSM that wants to allow gay marriage and legalizing dope/weed. This minority are all liberal educated and are influenced by liberalism. Some of the pro gays and pro dope advocates in FSM are expats and former peace corps volunteers. Im just informing my fellow micros of the consequences of liberalism.

    And no you are wrong not everyone in FSM has access to the internet.
  • Error: I never claimed that everyone in the FSM has internet, you should revisit my previous comments. I made the reference to acknowledge your admission that not everyone in Micronesia has access to internet, which means they will not be reading these comments or any comments on Micsem because they cannot access this medium. Right, so common sense should dictate that the only audience is us, Micsemers. So the question is why are you bombarding Micsem with information that most of us already know through other mediums such as NBC, CNN, etc? No one is disputing that you have every right to post topics as you please, but what we are saying is that you have taken that right to the extreme and it has not become a nuisance. What you are doing is chasing members away because, as I stated earlier, your threads have become a eyesore to Micsem. If you don't get it, then oh well...
  • As a matter of fact, all participants here have access to internet which means they have access to all the news networks out there

    I repeat not everyone has access to the internet in Micronesia. People have the choice to click or not to click at a discussion. To imply that i chase them away because I post is absurd. You have no evidence to back it up. There is Micsem Forum on Facebook and that's where they all went. And in that Facebook page they all talk about US news and post anti conservative news. Ahaha.

    So long as the FSM constitution recognize freedom of speech I will continue to post. The day FSM becomes a communist country and limit FOS I will desist. Until then my friend.
  • and as I promised I quit Micsem.
  • @Starkist I shall light a candle to the alter of Saint Felicia for you.

  • Pawnstar, you are the perfect example for "can't teach an old dog new tricks."

    It's a waste of time and energy getting something to stick in that brain of yours.

    Don't you notice an absence of meaningful topics and comments after you started your bullshit posts about US politics?
  • There are a lot more ways of accessing the news. What's posted on this forum have already been known by those who are interested on learning about it. Micronesia news is seldom made known. Thus, micronesia forum. And so in adding on US news which is of less interest is simply boring as hell and taken up valuable space here.

    Pawnstar, I seriously appreciate your effort and dedication and generosity. However, with limit. And I thank you for your kind understanding if you would please create another page just posting US NEWS for those interested.
  • Not everyone dance to the same tune. You have yours I have mines.
  • That's exactly true, Pawny. So go dance yours to the tune of the wolves.
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