FBI open Formal investigation on Hillary Clinton

Trump promised to investigate her but when he got elected he dropped it. After the James Comey testimony americans were shocked to find out that Obama AG told Comey to stop it. Now Americans are calling for a investigation and the President has listened and both the State Department and FBI are NOW investigating Hillary.

Poor Hillary if shed have remain in the woods and not take part in the resistance america would have forget all about this. But hey if you play stupid games you will win stupid prices.


  • After winning the elections Trump said he wasnt going to open any case on hillary so what changed his mind?
  • This investigation is going to go all the way back to the obama presidency. Its going to reveal how the previous admininstration obsructed justice all in the name of getting Hillary to be the DNC presidential nominee.
  • Its good news to me because it will show how Hillary is a POS and how she unfit to have security clearance.
  • I hear the US judicial committee is calling for her testimony on the Clinton issue.
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