Democrats and the Elites want war with Russia!

Interfering in the US election would mean war for anyone who do so. With that in mind would Russia risk a war with the US over this? War between both countries would escalate from a conventional war to a nuclear war.In a nuclear war no one wins and no human on earth will survive it. Russia knows this. So why would it interfere in the US elections? The closest the US and Russia ever went to war was in the Cuban missile crisis. And back then everyone in the world held their breath. That era was called the cold war!

The Cold war ended 40+years ago but the democrats want to bring it back. The democrats and the elites and the media are against Trump because he is not one of them. He doesn't follow their rules. And he isn't beholden to them. This is why they want to get rid of him. They want someone who is easily controlled and will easily dance to their tune. Trump is not that person. That's why they are trying hard to get rid of him.

If the democrats get what they want by getting rid of Trump then what will follow is another cold war with Russia and sadly this one will led to a shooting war. A nuclear War.

If a war should happen between US and Russia which the democrats are pushing for then I hope every democrats and liberals sign up for military duty and fight it. I hope our liberal friends in here like @Factsmatters, @nesian691, @coconut, @ina chok @Sarem Chuuk, @SakaSaka sign up for this and fight it if it comes to it. This is what their party is pushing for. Russia is not this stupid to interfere with US election because Russia knows it would mean war.


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