Special Prosecutor Mueller likely concluded Trump didn’t obstruct justice: Graham

Special counsel Robert Mueller would have to be a “complete idiot” to let former FBI Director James Comey testify if he was also planning an obstruction of justice case against President Trump, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said ahead of Thursday’s Senate hearing.

Nobody in their right mind who believed they had a case, would take their star witness and allow them to go before the nation and 20 senators. You just don’t do it that way. So he’s concluded, rightly, there’s no obstruction of justice here,” Graham said on CBS This Morning, per The Hill.

The South Carolina senator added that he ‘s “troubled” by Comey’s claim that Trump asked him to swear loyalty, but that “it’s not a crime.”

“Half of what Trump does is not okay. If you’re trying to convict him for being a bull in a china shop, being prude and rude, you’d win,” Graham said.

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, who was also on the show, rejected Graham’s analysis, saying he doubts Mueller knows yet whether there is a viable obstruction of justice case.

“I would be astonished if he had a view this early in the investigation. Rather, I think it shows confidence that Jim Comey will be consistent in his testimony before the Senate and in any later proceeding. But I wouldn’t read any conclusion into that, one way or another,” Schiff said.

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