CNN's Smerconish Makes Case: "Trump Didn't Obstruct Justice"

Lawyer and CNN host Michael Smerconish on Friday said the obstruction of justice probe into President Donald Trump "absolutely is a witch hunt," and that the president "deserves better than this."

In a near 6-minute video posted on his Facebook page, Smerconish breaks down the sequence of events at the heart of the reported investigation into Trump, making the case that there is no obstruction of justice.

The host of "The Michael Smerconish Program" on Sirius XM began with the "pledge of loyalty" conversation between Trump and then FBI Director James Comey in January.

"President Trump had the audacity to say to Jim Comey, 'I need your loyalty.' As if that's a criminal offense," Smerconish says. "There is nothing at all wrong with that. As a mater of fact, President Trump would be derelict in his duty if he had a disloyal head of the FBI."

Trump, however, has denied asking Comey for a pledge of loyalty.

Smerconish then tamps back allegations that Trump somehow directed Comey to drop the FBI's investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

"What's the big deal with him saying, 'Can you let this go? I hope you can let it go?'" Smerconish said. Trump "didn't direct him to let it go … 'If you can see your way to getting beyond this, that'd be great.' And that's all he said."

Trump, also, has denied asking Comey to "let this go."

Smerconish then shames the "bastards in the mainstream media" for abetting the distractions and the cloud that had been preventing Trump from accomplishing his goals of "making America great again."

He then addressed the termination of Comey.

"You're damn right he fired him," Smerconish says. "President Trump didn't like Hillary Clinton … but Comey did her wrong. And that bothers Donald Trump. … Donald Trump got rid of an FBI director who had lost the trust of the bureau, and he did all the rest of us a favor in the process."

Smerconish dismissed the "nut job" and "relieve pressure" comments Trump made to the Russians during their Oval Office visit.

"He was being honest with the Russians," Smerconish said. "And you know why he said that? He meant that he had done it to relieve pressure that he was fearing, facing, that was preventing him from achieving his agenda.

"Look, the whole thing — it absolutely is a witch hunt, and Donald Trump deserves better than this," Smerconish concludes.


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