Trump eviscerates Obama’s immigration policy (DAPA)in two executive orders


On Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security announced its official revocation of President Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal immigrant parents. According to the Associated Press:

Homeland Security [Secretary] John Kelly formally revoked a policy memo that created the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans program. The revocation came on the fifth anniversary of another effort that has protected hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation.
Left untouched, for now, is Mr. Obama’s 2012 deportation amnesty that is shielding more than 750,000 Dreamers.

But most of Mr. Obama’s other policies, including his “priorities” list that protected almost all illegal immigrants from deportation, are now gone. In their place is a series of directives that would free border agents to enforce long-forgotten but punitive parts of the law beyond the border; encourage Mexico to take a more active role in discouraging illegal migration; and close the loopholes that illegal immigrants have learned to exploit to gain a foothold in the U.S.

Does this look like a man worried about the investigations? Another Obama policy and legacy down the toilet. Making America Great Again.


  • It only goes after the parents and leave the children. Ps, you need to correct it. The illegal parents can be deported but the children won't.
  • Honest mistake. I will look for the updated version.
  • This orange haired orangutan with no new idea, has done nothing but try and reverse obamas work. He is really a man without original thought or ideas. Much like you pornstar.
  • Why are you surprise by what he is doing. He stated he will do it. This is what happens when you thought he wasn't going to win. For the sake of America all of Obama's failed policy must be rolled back. We the 60 million who voted for him put him in the office to do that and much much more.
  • You the minority that voted for orange haired orangutan backing someone who's inner circle is such disarray, with cloud of corruption, firings of cabinet and investigations . Putins dick is to far inside trumps throat
  • @red snapper that's what you claim but facts from last November says otherwise.

    Red is Trump/Republicans
    Blue is Hillary/ Democrats

    The Electoral says otherwise!

    The Country by majority voted and also says your claim is also fault.
  • Orangutan lost the popular vote, not the electoral college. Learn the difference. Just as I thought, orangutans followers don't know the difference . It's the same reason bush was elected and started the war with the wrong country. You republicans are retards
  • Election results are not about land mass, it's about counted votes and the electoral college. Pornstar you really are backwards like the rest of your trump conspiracy believing misled Baby orangutans. Orange haired orangutan won the electoral college but lost the vote based on actual human beings preference
  • Thats why i put the electoral picture up there which shows trump winning it. Hillay won the popular votes but that does not get you into the white house. The reason and only reason for the founding fathers of America created the electoral college is that no one state can decide for the other 49 states who gets to be president. Majority of the popular votes hillary got came from the liberal state of California.

    The founding fathers in their wisdom forsaw this. Thats why they made the electoral. So that no single state can dominate the elections in the US. If it wasnt for the electorals california will always get to decides who gets to be in the white house. Thats the beauty of the electorals, it levels the playing field.
  • Bush got into afghanistan and iraq but obama went and widen it by sending US troops into Somalia, poland, lithuania, syria, libya, north africa, yemen. Obama was a failed president. History will remember him for being the first black president and the one who allowed gay marriage.
  • PawNStaR just said: "History will remember him for being the first black president and the one who allowed gay marriage."

    So, shame on President Obama for being born of a white mother and a black father! And shame on him for recognizing - along with the Supreme Court and most Americans - the rights of gay people!

    So there we have it in Pawnstar's own racist and homophobic words.

    Shameful....and sad ....that so many Trump supporters are openly racist and homophobic.
  • So obama is not black? How is calling him black racist when obama self identified himself culturaly as a black man? Hey obama you are a racist for being proud to be black, according to factsmatters the chief social justice warrior in here.

    Shit is it not true that under obama gay marriage was allowed? Is it not also true that he is the first black president of the US? Answer that factsmatters.

    And i am right, those are the only 2 reason history will remember him by. He didnt bring change, he didnt because he was to worries about his image and approval ratings. He cared more about his legacy and the Polls then he did for the country. He could have closed guantamo, brought all the troops home from iraq and afghanistan. He could have stood up to russia but he didnt.

    The Atlantic:My President is Black

    @Factsmatters you should protest the media outlet above and NPR too. They both called obama black and guess what both a liberal controlled. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • And how is saying he will be remembered for allowing gay marriage when under his watch it happened. It happened and saying he will be remebered for that is not homophobic but its FaCTs. You really are a liberal snowflake. Facts hurt your feelings? Facts dont give two fucks bout your.feelings.

    Pawnstar: president Obama was black and he allowed gay marriage (both are facts)

    Factsmatters: You are a racist for stating facts Pwanstar.

    Shameful...and sad...That every democrats are openly grazy and a punch of snowflakes.

    Im a republican, Trump was my last choice. But i rather have him then another 4 years of liberal bs. But since he is won my partys nomination i will hold fast and support him. He is the president.
  • The Liberal argument playbook which they always use when they debate with a well informed conservative.

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