Pohnpei Apartment/House for Rent

I may be taking a position with the College of FSM. Is there a location or website that would let me view available houses or apartments for rent in Pohnpei? Thanks for the assistance.


  • None that I know. Ask COM/FSM to help you.
  • You should call the apartments and find out yourself. Here are some contact info from the Phone book also available online. Black Sand also have apartments in two locations both close to town. There are houses available for rent from facebook. You should search "Pohnpei House for rent", they have pictures available online.

    There's no way to view the apartments pictures or website available. You could call check.


    C-Star Apartelle 320-3398
    Fax 320-3399
    Jun's Enterprises 320-3007
    Yvonne's Apartment 320-5130
    Fax 320-4953

  • Thanks for the feedback FactsMatter and lihndanpei! Truly appreciated.
  • Hi DrKen17,

    I rent with Black Sand apartments in Daini and have only good things to say about them and their service. You can email them at blacksand at mail.fm. The owner is a gentleman named Max Iriarte. I've been renting with them for the past two years or so.
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