Trump AG Testimony Has PUT Entire Russian "Collusion" conspiracy theory to REST

Sessions testimony: The vindication of an honest man

June 13, 2017, may be remembered as the day in which the Democratic campaign to take down Donald Trump over the Comey investigation finally fell apart. Attorney General Jeff Sessions came to defend himself against a series of baseless charges, and was treated by several Democratic senators with the contempt that might seem excessive had he been the head of a particularly nasty criminal syndicate.

No one watching the hearing could fail to be impressed by the Attorney General’s candor, by his willingness to open himself up and answer all of the charges directed his way. At the same time, the badgering of the witness by Senators Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), the refusal to give him time to answer, the attempt to throw him off guard, the heavy-handed speechifying under the guise of posing a question, and the innuendo of Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), are going to be remembered as an embarrassment that will ring down the curtain on the investigation.

It’s pretty easy to smear people, but then there comes a time when the person smeared gets a chance to respond, and that’s what happened when Jeff Sessions took the microphone. “I recused myself from any investigation into the campaign for president,” he said, “but I did not recuse myself from defending my honor against scurrilous and false allegations.”

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  • Now the Democrats are singing a different tone. And that tone is that Trump tried to obstructed justice.
  • Pawnstar,

    Really, put to rest and and that the Democrats are singing a different tone? Look before you leap, hasty makes waste. You don't want to look ridiculous and waste when the facts are starting to present themselves to the American electorate with the tide on the Democrats' side. BTW, are you sure you belong to the American electorate or you are just like me pretending to be one?
  • The democrats expected sessions to decline the invitations to testify and when he accepted they were shocked. In his opening statement session used old words pertaining to how his honor questioned. Them old words he used were used in a bygone era when dueling with pistols was a way of settling matters pertaining to ones honor. I wouldn't have seem surprised if he brought his pistols and called out the democrats on the panel to a duel.

    Sorry but the electorate is behind Trump and team #MAGA. They voted him into office.hahaha popularity don't win the WH the electorate do.

    Funny thing is like the comey testimony before it sessions testimony didn't reveal anything new just that the Russian collusion theory is bogus like Santa Claus and big foot. I voted for him, flew into the mainland and voted and i believe from the start that this whole thing is a lie.
  • Just like Trump you then need an immediate evaluation from psychiatrists and psychologists. You aroused my curiosity whether there are that huge population of you and Trump's like in the country. At least, you seem to imply that you are legally part of the electorate.
  • Hahaha according to a head shrink that voter democrat trump should. Hahaha

    Oh the butthurt is strong in you it is. That's what Master Yoda said to Kuje Skywalker. Haha
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