PROMISE KEPT: Trump Nominates Eleven More Conservative Judges

One of the key arguments that ended up winning over a lot of Trump-skeptic conservatives in November was the desperate need to reverse the liberal activist direction of the federal courts, which, as the "nutty 9th Circuit " repeatedly demonstrates, is increasingly resulting in the violation of the separation of powers.  But would Donald Trump, who spent most of his life donating a lot more to Democrats than Republicans, actually follow through on his promises to nominate conservative judges? So far the answer is a resounding yes.

Trump's most celebrated decision so far among staunch conservatives is his selection of Neil Gorsuch to replace the deceased Antonin Scalia, who was a steadfast conservative voice on the Supreme Court. But Trump has quietly done much more than that to reverse the direction of the courts. He has now appointed over 20 strong, conservative candidates for lower court positions. As Legal Insurrection's William Jacobson pointed out Wednesday, while the media frenzy over the highly anticipated James Comey testimony was approaching its crescendo,  Trump announced a second slate of conservative federal judicial appointments that has inspired cheers from conservative legal minds and "dismay" from progressives. 

As Jacobson put it earlier in the month, "Trump has an unprecedented opportunity to nominate a substantial percentage of the federal judiciary," currently around 100 vacancies. In early May, Trump nominated a group of 10 solidly conservative judges, celebrated by the Right and decried by the Left. On Wednesday, he named another 11.

"These nominations follow the successful nomination and confirmation of associate Justice Neil M. Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court, the successful nomination and confirmation of Judge Amul R. Thapar of Kentucky to serve as a circuit judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, and the nomination of numerous candidates to other judgeships," the White House said in a statement Wednesday (full statement below).

Like the first group, the 11 appointees have conservatives, like law professor Jonathan Adler, thrilled. "Today, the Trump administration announced another slate of incredibly strong judicial nominees, including three nominees for federal appellate court," wrote Adler, who went on to note that many of the names (five of the nine circuit court nominees) are "current or former law professors," like him. Adler drew a comparison to the Reagan administration, which likewise believed that "appointing academics is one way to maximize its influence on the federal judiciary." One of those Reagan nominees was Antonin Scalia.
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