U.S And Allies Preparing To Assault ISIS Capital Of Raqqa

Ladies and Gents in a few days the US and its allies and SDF will assault the ISIS capital of Raqqa in Syria. Its the last stronghold of ISIS in Syria and the defacto capital of the terror group/ISIS. 1,400 US Paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne are already in northern Iraq assisting in the fight to oust ISIS from its last stronghold in Northern Iraq city of Mogul. Elements of the US Armys 75th Rangers 2 Battalion are already in Syria. Marines from 3rd MEF have set up a Artillery FOB south of Raqqa. And the Skies of Syria are dominated by the U.S Air Force. True to his words Trump is finally putting and end to Obamas creation. True to his word he has let the DOD have total control of the ops to put an end to ISIS. A month ago under Trumps go ahead US troops and SDF air assaulted into northern and southern Raqqa and cut it off completely from its neighboring environts. The dead blow is coming and it will be welcomed by the world. Get some boys get some!!!
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