Palau Government gives 50K to Xavier High School



  • Lol, Yap SDA is not like it used to be a decade ago. During the first three or four principals, you can say that about Yap SDA. But now, it just doesn't have that same competitiveness that it used to have. It is more expensive, perhaps the most expensive school in Yap since students start from K-12. By the time your student graduates, you will have spent a whole lot of money, so it really isn't a school for "under-privileged" students.
  • I have been told there are students whose tuition have been paid by mainly people from outside Yap (mostly Christians from the USA) because their parents cannot afford the tuition each month.

    As for the academic standard, when you have top Yap SDA students transferring to Yap Catholic High School, this will result in the latter school benefiting because of the preparation and development these students received from Yap SDA School. And when you have a situation in which transfer-in students from poor academic schools taking the tests especially during their first and second year at Yap SDA School, the mostly likely result would be that they would score low.

    Just some thoughts to share.
  • Has the FSM Government provided any such generosity to XHS or any other High School for that matter?
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