Entire Democrat Russian/Trump Narrative destroyed by James Comey

Democrat Narrative DESTROYED: Comey Opening Statement Says Trump Isn't Under Personal Investigation, Didn't Pressure Comey To Kill Russian Campaign Collusion Investigation

Comey released statement before his hearing and these are the major takeaway from that statement.

1. Trump isn't under personal investigation.

2. Trump never pressure him to end Russian investigations.

These are the 2 narrative that the democrats have been using and repeating in the media. James Comey the former head of the FBI just confirmed what Trump has been saying all along. Which is he/Trump isn't under investigation and he never tried to stopped the investigation.


  • Another Nail in the Democrat Trump/Russian Narrative

    BREAKING: NSA Chief Says He Was NEVER Told To Do Anything Illegal By Trump Administration

    On Wednesday, National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers, responding to questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee as to whether he had been asked to eschew asking questions or discuss ongoing investigations regarding the Trump campaign’s activities, answered, "I have never been directed to do anything I believed to be illegal, immoral, unethical, or inappropriate."

    Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) asked if Rogers had been asked not to “ask questions or bring up ongoing FBI investigations particularly if that investigation concerns associates and individuals that might be associated with the president’s campaign or his activities?”

    Rogers answered, “Today I am not going to talk about theoreticals; I am not going to =discuss the specifics of any interaction or conversation I may or may not –

    Warner interrupted, “Can, can –“

    Rogers replied, “If I could finish, sir, please. That I may or may not have had with the president of the United States, but I will make the following comment: In the three-plus years that I have been the director of the National Security Agency, to the best of my recollection, I have never been directed to do anything I believed to be illegal, immoral, unethical, or inappropriate."

    At the same hearing, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) asked Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats if he was prepared to say that he had “never been asked by the president or the White House to influence an ongoing investigation.”

    Coats replied, “Well, Senator, I hate to keep repeating this but I’m going to do it; I am willing to come before the committee and tell you what I know and what I don’t know; what I’m not willing to do is to share what I think is confidential information that ought to be protected in an open hearing. So I’m not prepared to answer your question today.”

    Rubio pressed, "Director Coats, I just have to say, with the incredible respect I have for you, I am not asking for classified information; I’m asking whether you have ever been asked by anyone to influence an ongoing investigation.”

    "I have never been directed to do anything I believed to be illegal, immoral, unethical, or inappropriate."
    -NSA Director Mike Rogers

    Coats responded,  “I understand, but I’m just not going to go down that road in a public forum.”
  • People read comeys own statement that will confirm what I have said. Don't take my words for it but do it for yourself. Inform yourself don't listen to me or factsmatters.
  • Seems like pawn star has the orange haired orangutan's cock down in his throat, balls deep. Bravo for such love and affection for the ass clown known as the US president.
  • So instead of offering anything concrete you offer insults. And you wonder why you liberal lost the Whitehouse the senate and the house. Because of things like that @red snapper

    I support the orange dude in the white house same with the black guy the last 8 years.
  • President Dumb Ass orange orangutan speaks like a 3rd grader and acts like a big crybaby can't handle criticism with some sense of diplomacy and statesmenship. It's ok because he represents backwards ass idiots who really share nothing in common with.
  • At least he can play ball unlike the last dude who only allowed journalist who like him in the Whitehouse preefing room. The real backward folks are in the democratic party who pretend to be progressive but in reality aren't. Trump represent the manly side of uncle Sam. He speak blunt and says what is on his mind. Unfiltered. Not like the last president who hop over the globe kissing the ass of every foreign leaders around the world.

    The image of America around the world is that we are Arrogant and smartasses and go where and do as we please and we don't answer to no one. Trump is the living image of that.
  • So 6 months in office, promise kept? Repeal Obamacare care, fail. Travel ban, fail, getting tough with North Korea, bs nothing happening. Any substantive legislation passed, none
  • Build the wall fail, why because Americans appetite for drugs causing drugs to come in. If you think a wall will stop it, you belong in the last 3 centuries when walls still didn't keep people safe and won't do anything also. Just waste time and money. Orange haired baboon even his wife is disgusted with him
  • edited June 2017
    I like how folks who call themselves the party of progress always resort to name calling and hate to prove that they are progressive and the conservatives are backward. By resorting this way you prove that you are the exact thing you accuse trump and conservatives of. Backward and hateful.
  • Red, why repeal Obama care when it will kill itself. Look around buddy every insurers around the country are dropping it without trumps help.

    *NAFTA promised kept.
    *Repeal Trans pacific partnerships kept.
    *Repeal/stop Obama policy of government funding of liberal groups kept.
    *Pulling out of Paris accord kept.
    *Bringing in jobs kept.
    *Stopping wasteful Obama policy of government spending kept.
    *The travel ban is not dead its headed to the supreme court.
    *stop illegal crossing at the border is at a all time low so kept with or without the wall which will be build since companies are already bidding for the contract to build it.
    *deporting of illegals also kept.
    *The North Korean policy has switch from a Obama policy of kissing ass to one where 3 carriers are within reach if the Korean peninsula along with nuclear submarines and the thaat anti missile system put in place in south Korea also kept.
    *crack down on Islamic terrorism also kept. ISIS is fighting its last battle in mosul raqqa right now.

    In a couple of days trump will scrap obamas policy on Cuba. So yeah it will be kept.
  • The less drugs flow up north and the appetite will go down. Its that simple. And like you know what trumps wife think. You are just part of a millions of presume they know. Haha
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