Looking for Pohnpeians Living in the US Midwest

edited June 2017 in General

My name is Emily and I am an American college student. I am interested in migration and am conducting a research project with people who have migrated from Pohnpei to the mainland US, specifically to the Midwest. If you are a Pohnpeian living in the Midwest (Iowa, Kansas City, etc.) who would be willing to speak with me and help me about your experience please comment on this post, private message me on this website, or email me at rickerem@grinnell.edu

I spent last summer working on Pohnpei and am eager to learn about the lives and perspectives of Pohnpeians living in the Midwest. Your stories will be invaluable, and I look forward to working together to raise awareness of your experiences and contributions to the United States!

* If you yourself are not a Pohnpeian living in the Midwest but you know Pohnpeians living in the Midwest, you can also (with their permission) provide me their contact information. I will be deeply grateful!
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