Confirmation of Chuuk Directors

I heard that the House of Senate confirmed all Chuuk Directors of Executive Departments in "one package" not considering each Director separately. All names were brought before the Senate, and they passed all of them in one shot. What the heck? Let's put these fools on blast !!!!!!


  • I agree that we should "put the fools on blast...." or whatever that means but we need to move that "fact" from what "[you] heard," to a full fact. Can someone confirm this rumor? I am not sure if the constitutional interpretations of advice and consent on domination permits such wholesale treatment. I hope that your "fact" turn out to be just a rumor.
  • Fools? mwa pwat epwan ina me iten onokkana meremi? Pwan tunochifemi ngeni noun Chuuk kana chon anganga fonu.
  • Mwa mei fen chiwen wor LC non ach na Legislature? Ika ma ina met mei kuna nge mei mok ika?
  • Fake news or not...whats the real deal?
  • The deal is to hide the bad apples among the good one. If this does goes through the a new president is set for Chuuk State. No mater what the law says but if you run on the winning side you are confirmed. The law needs to be amended.
  • I read about this on of the Reps. facebook page. It's amazing what they are doing in my lovely state of Rhuuk. Eni ikkei ekkewe rekan eran pwe Chuukini chok..
  • Ghillisou, can you share what you learn?
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