Lagoon and Outer Islands Transportation System.

Does the Transportation between the lagoon islands, and or the outer islands should be consider for improvement? In what level should it be consider? How can we accomplish this?


  • Are you an elected official in Chuuk? People elected you to solve those problems. They didn't elect you to turn around and ask them "how" to solve them.
  • We mics, Chuuk in particular, are narrow and shallow minded homo sapiens. We delight ourselves in immediate gratification rather than long term sacrifices​. Money after money had been pouring into our state yet nothing sustainable ventured. We keep turning out petty projects that are either individualized or don't last long. Until the time comes that we readjust our mind sets, we will continue to suffer the consequences. We need visionary leaders​to move us forward. Enough with these sunsetters, they out worked their durabilities already.
  • @Ina Chok. I wish I could be one. I asked the question to lead us into productive discussion. I would like you and the other to follow me and kinen with what kinen observations are. I agree with him. But what can we do to make the change? For your information I am a self employee as farmer and fisherman. I did these on a part time basis cause I do not know where to sell my catch and farming produce. My island is to small to make any good quality living. Please help with nyour answers.
  • Ok. I understand that the "Mailo" is no longer servicing the islands of Chuuk. If Chuuk state relies on the Caroline Voyager and Micronesian Navigators to bring much needed services to its islands, then I guess the answer to your question is obviously "yes." The how part is not that easy. Yap State has been trying to figure that out for the past 3 1/2 years since their state owned vessel broke down and still.....NOTHING. But if you do find out, please do share with the Yapese.
  • Water transportation, whether outer islands or lagoon, should have been given priority for improvement at the highest level. Compact money, foreign aid, loan, local revenue, should all contribute to the achievement of that.

    Your question, melvin, should have asked WHY TRANSPORTATION HAS NOT BEEN and was not GIVEN MUCH ATTENTION, or priority.

    When we talk water transportation, we talk not only about Chief Mailo or Voyager or Navigator. We should also talk about where the ships will land.

    kinen's above comment explains, and answers, the question that should have been asked and why these transportation priorities are not being attained.
  • The states should not own or independently operate these ships. We see how the state run ships in the state of dilapidation due to funding shortage, not enough to operate and maintain the boats. The elected leaders should take it easy on the department that is tasked to run these ships, not causing too much interference in their planned operations scheme.

  • Iwe kinisou pwe uwa ekis kuna mwei ren kei awewe ren fonuwen nukun ei lagoon. Iwe nge met mefiemi ren ei Chuuk lagoon. Esap pwan siwin met ei kich mi nom won. Sipwe chok iei usun ren pusin kutta en me wawan an osupwang? Ai question uwa centerini won infrastructure development. Mei ok met kich mei nom won ikenai?
    Omusano pwipwi sinbad pwe ese i wor ai nipwakoch non mwokutun government, iei mine ufen asked stupit question pwe seni ai tiparoch.
  • Transportation is transportation..sea,air and land. Land transportation focus has wholly been on Moen and hardly anywhere else. Sea transportation should be treated as if the seas that connect our islands is a vast land mass requiring better funding, regulation, etc. Accessibilty and affordability to means of Transportation in Chuuk is vital to the sustainability of her economy and growth.
  • Congress and/or legislature should stop giving out money for transportation to allow the private sector to chime in and take the lead. If the government continues the hand out on so called economic development to purchase motor boats and we the people turn around and use them as ferries, there will not be any change to the transportation system. My 2 cents suggestion is to stop the hand outs and let the private sector do what they do best, with perhaps a regulatory authority to oversee the progress and to see that we the people do not get ripped off by greedy business people.
  • I believe that a good policy for economic development and social development should be establish and/or enforce.Should there be review and evaluation of such progress may solve such problem and misused. I know for a fact that the economy of Chuuk will never be improved if such compact I policies and action will continue.
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