Every two years the Speaker of the FSM Congress should be reelect.

Why should it be that way but the present Speaker is a four years term now? Does it not follow the term of the elected official? Can any one enlighten me on this?


  • Dude, google it. Everything is on the CFSM's website, or you can find at through googling FSM Constitution...it's in the law that sets up the Legislative Branch.
  • With the understanding that the speaker should be selected from amongst the 2 yr. term congressmen. That understanding was screwed by the Chuuk delegation some 2 or 3 yrs. ago.
  • Actually, the speaker can be from the pool of 4-year members or 2-year members. In other words, any member, no matter if 2-year of 4-year term senator is eligible to become speaker. Congress reorganizes every two years. Speaker Simina just got back the speakership on May 11.
  • Men wor ewe wewefengen nefinen ekkewe members of congress non ekkewe fansoun fan iten ion epwe kan wiseni President non ititin repwe take turn state me state. Ena Speakership, ese pwan mwo wor ew sakkun etipeew fengen won. Jack Fritz men Speaker non nakattamen fansoun.

    Iwe ren an WEsley Simina Speaker, esap pwan wor koukun. Ewe seni Yap men pwan pin speaker. Nge ekkei wis e fakkun nonnom non poun congress.
  • Kinisou sinbad ren kei informations. Ngang use kon ien tumunu kei set up nina mine ukan tiparoch. Iwe met mei eoch an epwe ne chok iei usun ika met epwe murino me save mony, ika kinamwe ngeni ach ei federation? Met epwe kon wate man epwe anisi mkich, money ika kinamwe nefinen fonuwach kei.

  • Merei, kokkotun nouwisin non congress esap ew anen save money. Iwe esap pwan kich constituents sipwe dictate ngenir ar okkota kokkotun non ar angang. Ika re pwisin fori kokkotun kinamwein nefiner ren anapanapen ar angang, iwe ina ena epwe fis ren kinamwe nefiner. Ai nukuw ina met ei ir men foffori non ekkei fansoun ina pwun e iei esin.

    Finitan nour nouwis non ar na body, re kan i akkomwen atawei me nukun mwichenap iwe repwap chok etinong non ar na chamber iwe ra officiate met a pwunguno me non ar etipeew fengen.

    melvin, ngang men sinei nge pwan en emon chon ounusa porousen mwuun seni mwuunap tori wisopwosopwun fonu.
  • Kose mochen fosen Merica pwe kiich meinisin oupwe weiweidi? Kinnisou. National topic, ika met?
  • mel, microspring gave the right answer to your query but I just want to make a couple of comments about the choice of office Mr. Simina made as an at-large senator. It should be noted that had Mr. Simina chosen to take the second highest post in the Nation as was tradtionally the practice Chuuk could have had another member added to Chuuk's delegation in Congress. Some Chuuese including one of Mr. Simina's supporters/relatives vehemently argue that Simina accesses more money as speaker than if he were the Vice President. My question is half-way through as Speaker, how much money has he netted for Chuuk State different from from iits share during previous Congress other States held the speakership? Unprecedented!!! If my memory serves me well, this happened only once when the honorable late Senator Joab Sigrah from Kosrae served as Vice Speaker. What is Speaker Simina trying to prevent from happening in 2019?
  • Speaker Simina and his cohorts knew that when former president pardoned the convicts towards the end of his presidency, he did it to groom his chance to get back in Palikir. Had Wesley Simina chosen to take one of the top two executive position the added member to the Chuuk delegation would have been Mr. Mori and Wes and his advisors didn't like that because they knew it would be a big competition for them next election around. Some people think it won't make any difference because Manny can still run in 2019 regardless but for Wes and his supporters it would make huge difference because the longer Manny stays away from FSM Congress activities the less likely he would become the next at-large Chuuk congress. It's been circulated that the Chuuk delegation had agreed to put Wes in one of the top 2 post but one night before the election somebody from Chuuk arrived in PNI and persuaded Wes to settle for the speakership instead
  • Ranalim sefan ami pwipwi kana
  • PepsiCola. Iam really surprise to learn that there are such a brain of the Chuuk machine other that Wesly Simina. All along I was assuming that Wesly is running and keep the brain of his operating machines. But if that's the case then he need to work hard to win reelection. Its gonna be a very difficult race to win. The equation is gonna be the millions of $- the reform measures = a big win. If I may ask a question, how many of the reform measures have been accomplish or implemented.
    I am sorry but we need new brain to run the show.Many,may be or may be not. How about sinbad? Met o pwipwi?
  • Pwipwi last94, the political machine in Chuuk is well and alive and funkier than ever. Amafen Wes is an extraordinary person and we are very grateful to have him behind the helm to steer us clear off the Bermuda Triangle. He is intelligent, humble, compassionate and very capable that's why he is Chuuk's representative to the Joint Compact Review and Planning Committee. Just like Chuuk State Governor, they need to weed out some of their advisors who are only looking out for their own interest, who keep lying and give false pleasant report to gain favor. Chuuk is still in the recovery process from the hole she was in because someone had funneled money from the State to over-seas bank account in the Philippine and abroad for himself and his significant others.

    For your equation, I'm still looking and have not seen or heard anything good about the million $$$ reform measures. Only time will tell, let's just wait and see but I think you're right, that would be one of the deciding factors for the next election.
  • last94, I beg you to not embarrass me in this forum by suggesting that even my name be among these fine political players. You funny thing you!

    One thing I can assure you though, last94. I see clearly how people play their games and I know when one is gonna get hurt, as it is right now. Someone is hurting baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!
  • Wes was governor for nearly 8 years and debts of Chuuk State (I am in the business of getting people judgments in the courts and getting them paid - my experience is that all governments pay except for Chuuk State) went from $21 million to worse. Last I checked in 2017 it currently sits around $40 million and don't let anyone say that the numbers are wrong. The people that I represent are still owed over $6 million in nearly 50 court cases and these judgments date back to 1990s with many additions in the 2000s and 2010s (one judgment alone is around $5 for 2,000 plus Chuukese). I hope that someone can figure out how to pay off these people that administration after administration had chose to screw.
  • Mr. sinbad, I did not meant to offend you in any way when I asked the question about running. I am for one that I always relied on trusted people. To tell you the truth I trust many of the Chuuk officials. But I don't trust a lot of the people around them, especially Wes. Pwipwi, I have been around you on this forum and I trust you so much than many of the current officials in Chuuk government. Omusano pwe ina met a esenipato ai we kapas eis,. Tirow, Sirow wom pwipwi. Enlet ufen nukuk mwen epwi nouch kei onu.
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