Children of chiefs and their citizenship

If a child or grandchild of a (traditional) chief was born out of Micronesia, is he still able to become chief and inherit the land or does the fact that he is not a citizen of Micronesia affect this? Also, if one of the grandchildren were to be a citizen by birth, and is the only person in the family who's a citizen, is the land then passed down to her instead?

Please inform me about how this system works...

***I am talking about Chuuk


  • Rephrase your question by not referring to Micronesia as a whole. Each island has their own system so it's hard to respond as if the system is the same across the board.
  • Micronesia is a general name. There are many distinct and different customs within. Not all are the same so you need to narrow down your question to a specific group of people in Micronesia.

    BTW, what concern is it for you?
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