THE PRESIDENT ABROAD: Trump's Approval Rating Jump Up To 48 Percent. Here Are 3 Reasons Why.

1. Trump Isn’t Tweeting. Because Trump is overseas and busily traveling the globe, he’s not up at all hours watching MSNBC and CNN and tweeting nasty notes to the hosts, or retweeting botched summaries of Fox & Friends chyrons. He’s also not pouring more gasoline on the Trump-Russia kindling the media have set – he hasn’t tweeted about FBI director James Comey or reports that he told intelligence officials he’d appreciate it if they’d exonerate him or any of the other anonymous material coming out daily from the media. That means that these stories tend to die quickly, since anonymous stories aren’t being confirmed by Trump’s own hand – and since Trump isn’t insisting that his communications team rush to the nearest microphone to parrot his talking points. Most of the damage on the Trump-Russia score has been self-inflicted – and that’s easy to see when Trump stops inflicting said damage on himself.

2. The Country Isn’t Collapsing. Trump left the country; the country is fine. The left promulgates a myth whereby the president must sit at the controls of the airliner that is the United States each and every minute lest we all go full Zombie Apocalypse on one another. Instead, Trump is out of the country partying it up with glowing orbs and swords, and the country’s getting along just fine. Nobody’s dying. Nobody’s panicking. In other words, a predictable government is the best available option, and Trump gallivanting around reminds us all that he’s not capable of screwing this up.

3. Terrorism Is A Winning Issue For Trump. The terror attack on Monday obviously helps Trump politically because the left is so damned irresponsible about it. Trump’s perspective – fewer unvetted Muslims in the West means fewer unvetted Muslims killing other people in the West – is eminently correct. His skepticism of radical Islam resonates far better than the left’s asinine John Lennon Imagine-esque pseudo-philosophy. Trump was elected to “bomb the s***” out of ISIS. Seeing the slaughter of eight-year-old girls at a pop concert reminds people that’s a task worth pursuing.

President Trump should be making notes. When he comes back to the United States, he should be the same President Trump we’re seeing abroad: muted but strong, a bombastic showman when the time is right.


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