Xavier High School Also?


We need to worry about this at Xavier also. I know for a fact that it took place in the 80s, 90s and apparently ongoing right now (so called teachers have been sent back home due to similar facts). Governments need to look into this matter.


  • In the 80's?..... Nahhhhhh. Could you share one in the 80's....that if, you don't mind.
  • This is very serious. Even with your anonymity, claiming such unsubstantiated accusations, people will stand to believe regardless whether what you are saying is true or not, microspring. So unless you can provide solid evidence that such accusations are true, I would respectfully ask that you refrain from tarnishing the name of the school and those who struggle to keep it afloat and remain at its current standing - superiority in its academic standing among others in the region.

    With the greatest degree of respect to you, microspring.
  • Hi sinbad. I went to school at Xavier with Saka in the 80s. I am person of high regard when integrity is at issue. I was an appellate court judge in at least 12 appellate court cases in Chuuk. I say these scandalous statements out of shame of my important school that has people that I care about so much right now and first hand knowledge (not to me personally as a victim). I know student that got assaulted by a male teacher at Xavier in late 80s. In that particular case, it was only an attempt (called inchoate crime). A teacher or staff member did get pregnant with a student's child in the 1990s. I know from students now that some of them young "teachers" have relationships with students in recent times. I absolutely know the consequences of false statements and will stand by my statements not as actual but credible information for basis of probable cause that warrant our governments to take action as well. I wonder why it is hard to believe this.
  • microspring2014, do we have formal complaints for the govt to take action on?
  • No because Micronesians generally do not make complaints. Things generally get buried. We need to change that. But the issue was brought up with the current situation with Catholic school in the posted article.
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