RMI has PASSED a CONCON bill that Mirrors American law on the eligibility of those who can hold the office of the President Of The Marshall Islands. But the RMI has taken it a step further. The Criteria also include one must be born in the Marshall islands, have Marshallese ancestry, and posses a clan or Jowi (JOU in FSM). While some support it others don't. Especially Marshallese who are born in the US and are dual citizens of both RMI&USA. Amongst those who are also unhappy with this Bill are some folks who aren't Marshallese but have kids who were born in the RMI.


  • Yes!!!! Pawnshop, you the man!
    You know, I've always wondered why the FSM can't amend its law so that they have something like that in place. As it is, you can run for office regardless if you were born in the FSM or not. In fact, I can take it a step further and point out that I heard from a very credible source that one of FSM's very own Senators in the CFSM is actually a US citizen. This person never surrendered his US citizenship. He went to turn in his passport at the US Embassy in Kolonia and was told that he could keep it because it was his.
  • We're now gonna start seeing a combination of Micronesian related and non-Micronesian related comments from this asshole now that he knows we're aware of his sinister activities here on this forum. These people do not give up easily, it is a job for them. They get paid to monitor and pollute this forum.
  • Ina Chok call this senator out in this forum. Let the people decides if what he is doing is right or wrong. One FSM senator I know of is a US citizen is a former Marine.
  • If you guys knew his name, why call him one. Print his name for goodness sake.
  • So what is the point of having laws set up...the constitution!!!!??? Then have our very own elected officials not follow it?

    I was kind of surprised that no one spoke up when the senator you are speaking of sang the US Marine song. It was strange that here is a person swearing in to serve one country, yet happily singing his loyalty to another country. smh
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