Land ownership in the FSM, a national or a state issue?

Somewhere in an article I read online sometime back, I read how one guy claimed that citizenship should not affect an individual's right to own land since land ownership is a state issue and not a national issue. How many people think this should be true, and how many believe that it is false?


  • Land issues should be delicated to the states. That's where the lands are. Each state has unique cultural issue when it comes to land ownership.
  • This is both a National and State issue. Only FSM citizens can own land in FSM, as per the FSM Constitution which makes it a national issue since non FSM citizens do not have the right to own land in FSM.

    At the state level, each state may decide whether citizens of other state may own land in their respective states as in the case of Pohnpei where citizens of other states cannot purchase land there. (I don't know if there are exceptions)

    In Chuuk, as long as you are an FSM citizen, you can buy and own land.

    I don't know about Yap, but Kosrae allows other FSM state citizens to buy and own lands in Kosrae.
  • Is the real issue here whether the states should have authority to permit persons who have some Micronesian lineage but are not FSM citizens to own land? Say by inheritance? This would require amendment to the FSM Constitution, and probably have the same hurdles as the dual citizenship referendum. Both the FSM and state constitutions were drafted and ratified in times when substantial migration to the US was never anticipated. And one practical result of that is land being abandoned in the FSM due to entire families having left their homeland.
  • i know one of the main reasons that Yap didn't vote for the "dual citizen" amendment was for the fear that their nephews (who are born US CItizens) might end up selling the lands they are entitled to since they live abroad. The matter of land being abandoned should vary from state to state. In some state, the next of kin can develop the land since those who inherit it, by FSM Constitution, cannot own it.
  • suzuki, we can remain silent on that particular case or issue with full cooperation among ourselves with understanding and respect of our own culture.

    If you have a son or grandson who is supposedly be the heir of all your estates (land), and you do not have any other to inherit your wealth, would you be comfortable enough to see all your hard earned wealth pass on to one who is not of your own blood?

    I am sure there are other means to convey the deed to whoever you deem deserving without violating the law of the land. And that, sir, is within our own grip.

    So in essence, land issue is a domestic issue, whether it be state or municipal.
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