Enough on this forum about non-Micronesian related topics

Maybe I am in the minority but I do think it is absurd that my periodic visits to the site find it literally littered with postings about non-island related material. Are there any moderators anymore? Seriously, what is with all the postings on Trump (pros or cons)? I could care less about all the 3rd party sources of information that are being posted on here. For anyone to claim they are well-informed and then cite these unfounded, unsubstantiated sources of information is hysterical to say the least. I get it, you feel like you are right and have the right sources of information. Who am I to say you don't? But who are you to say I don't either? Let's stick to FSM topics and input from concerned and active oriented citizens of the FSM to continue to be constructive and instrumental in the progressive movement of the islands. Please?!


  • Mike....I could drink a toast to to that! So let's start with me asking the questions then. I am so out of the loop on what went on during the Micronesian Chief Executive Meeting in Guam a few weeks ago. I only know that Chuuk and Yap could perhaps be linked to the SFOC that runs from Guam to Palau. Any other news-worthy issues on their agenda during the conference?
  • It seems no one is interested in desseminating news in our region. I don't know if FSM PIO was with the president to at least take some notes and share or Chuuk's chief of staff. Even PDN, Gum didn't say much about the gathering. Even our MicForum, there is not much news circulating lately except the founded/unfounded international news.
  • And the comment made by the FSM President about the Micronersian in Guam prison
  • We do have the PIO in the National government and the four State government. Where do they make their reporting to the public. Do they have such outlet sources to inform the general public for the important issues or they they just keep them to minimize public comments and reactions?
  • @melvin. That's quite HUGE question about public information. There's pretty much none as far as I know and navigating the websites of each State leads to a dead end. No FAQs on many state levels or places to add comments. No public relations office as far as I know and everything has to be an inquiry in person. Send an email and .... I literally have never gotten any information from emails unless there's a formal in-person meeting before hand.

    This forum is a full of information hidden between spam threads and personal bias views, myself included. Back in 2012, our former President came up with a technology roadmap to promote Public knowledge. I'm not sure where that leads to. KP is the only printed public knowledge filled with little events and sometimes pubic opinions. There's always radio which is not great media to rely since they only broadcast live. As of now, I haven't found any local podcast channels for public access.

    Here's a friendly suggestion, some of our locals have created a website with some local information and could be the next MicroForum. Please check out The Fourth Branch Micronesia: http://www.tfbmicronesia.com

    I've just started reading into the site and have found some useful but not so current information.

  • Oh, we have the "bulletin report" broadcast here in the afternoons, but the problem is I don't have a radio :(
  • Speaking of moderators, why are they allowing all these stupid threads up in here? Like how to buy fake passports. Just looking at it we know it's spam, yet they're allowing it. I hereby nominate Sinbad, Reject, XP, Vista and (what's that naughty girl's name again?) to be moderators. Bring back the old Micsem Forum topics that really interested people.
  • lol...I dont know if I should be flattered or offended, Ina Chok, but ina chok i.
  • I feel I am being compared with PawnStar, hahahahaha
  • It really does not look like we have any PIO anywhere ftom state and up to national govt. One would think that with the many avenues available to share info..we would definitely have better access to news/updates, etc ,etc.

    A less informed public is advantageous to devious leaders. An uniformed public is undemocratic. Very few of our leaders or govt officials dare to share public information via any online avenues..i.e facebook, govt websites, etc.

    We are less than 6yrs away from 2023..expiration of COFA financial package and all we hear is silence from Palikir. Saaad..thats all i can say.
  • Ina Chok:

    The moderator(s) are doing the best they can to eliminate the spam. When I see a posting for counterfeit money or passports, or other spam, I flag the posting, and usually they are removed fairly quickly.

    As far as I know, the person or people who oversee this Forum are doing without compensation, out of the goodness of their heart(s). If everyone would flag these spam postings, they would get removed more quickly, I am sure. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a way to prevent them, and they can only be removed after they are posted.
  • Thanks Sarem! I've flagged one or two. I guess we can't blame them for it. I won't complain and just be thankful that they haven't kicked me out.
  • I don't know if this is new but I just noticed the flag icon! Lol... I believe we talked about this quite a while ago and it's about time. Big kudos to Micro Forum. It's a step in the right direction.

    I suggest we add the same flags to spamming profiles. This way, we can not only flag threads but remove bots. If you look closely, these are posted from a prewritten message.
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    Mike P.,

    Sorry, dude. I don't mean to contribute to the distraction. I agree though, the Right vs. Left (I assume that's what this thread is referencing) is getting a bit out of hand.

  • Mike P, the answer is clear and I figured it out six months or so ago. I just wish that y'all would do the same to make it work. Y'all need to stop commenting on 95% of topics opened by that PawNStar. Ignore him and those mostly annoying posts will go away. Simply don't reply to his saturation of interesting stories from MSN.com, CNN.com, etc. There are relevant forums to discuss those but clearly he cannot stand the heat in those kitchens. We can find those stories and argue them with the broader political spectrum in the States. Again some (about 5%) might be relevant to us but most are just fish out of water. I do understand globalization issues and all but we do have bigger fish that are relevant to us to discuss herein. I have been staying away from this forum due to lack of interesting and closely relevant topics. Someone posted weeks ago how a war between North Korea and U.S. would truly be fought here in the Western Pacific. Our families in Guam (and us ourselves due to errant missiles) are the true concerns for the saber-rattling between a crazy old and orange man and a crazy young and yellow man that we need to be discussing when I say "related" topics.
  • First off, I should not have made the slight comment about moderators. I know there are moderators and I also know keeping up with all the postings can be a daunting task. I appreciate their time and efforts in keeping this forum open, active, and as filtered as possible.

    It is a huge discouragement logging in only to see so many threads about all this right vs left, republican vs democrat, Clinton vs Trump. The election is over. There has to be thousands of forums where those postings are more appropriate where those who choose to can continue to live the election all over again as much as they please attacking each other with their points of views and claims of being more informed or knowledgeable yet their sources are exactly the same, each going to sources that will support their ideologies. Congratulations, you continue to back yourself up with whatever you can find and read on only your choice of sources, brilliant!

    I just choose to ignore them but having to scroll through them and have them constantly push valid and more relevant topics down several pages is a deterrent.

    I have not been active for awhile and am happy this is still available. I look forward to reading about subjects that impact us as Micronesians and the input and feedback from concerned citizens from all areas.
  • Thanks Mike P for bringing this up. I know many contributors are irritated by the threads littered all over this forum. If this continues, I will support anyone willing to create another forum.
  • I dont mind the sharing of non-Micro info, news, etc here as long as such info is educational and pertinent to global issues that may affect the Micro region.

    Posts like those by PawnStar can be irritating if you let them. Up to the moderators what comments stay snd go. Up to you and I what to read or not read.
  • Does he not the moderator or he is a good pwipwi of the moderator.
  • I am one of the moderators, Covfefe.
  • Iwe fakun ai kapongen sufon me fai-roota me rorotiw ngonuk pwipwi.
  • This forum is starting to look like the pot holes in the roads here in PNI, you either drive around it or pump your breaks and slowly drive through them. They're everywhere and always filled with dirty water and rubbish.

    Have a productive Monday everyone and keep adding comments and important threads. There are many adults here who can easily revive important threads and push relevant Micronesian threads forward by adding more comments. I personally want to hammer off the spamming tiny fingers. Majority who visit this forum are annoyed by the nonsense so join the frustrated Micronesian club. What else is new?
  • Hi Mike P. I join you in regards to how this Micronesia Forum has been flood with topics about the US. I would not mind so much if I had not already been made aware of these US topics however it is quite frustrating to see topics I have already read about on the news media show up here.

    Personally, this reminds me of SPAM mail. You don't want it yet it keeps coming.
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