Man Behind DNC&Hillary leaks to Wikileaks was Murdered

Seth Rich , the man behind the Wikileaks files that were leaked that showed how corrupt the DNC&Hillary was shot 2 times on the back on his way home and according to cops he was killed in a robbery. 14 hours ago leaked information about his death showed that his wallet containing money wasn't taken. Seth computer was found and it was also found that he was in communicating with WIKILEAKS 96 hours before he was murdered. It was also found out that he was also communicating with Gavin MacFadyen a Wikileaks agent who also died. Seth send thousands and thousands of emails and data to Wikileaks weeks before he was killed.

The only man who could have prove that Russia wasn't behind the Wikileaks leaked files on the DNC/Hillary was killed in order to cover up the fact that whole Russian -Trump is a lie was murdered. You won't find this story on the mainstream media but if you google it you will find it.

*Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shared 44,053 Democrat Emails With WikiLeaks: Report

*Everything you want to know about Seth Rich story



  • What part about this is Micronesian related? Notice this forum's name is called Micronesia Forum, not Zionist Propaganda forum. Get lost with your crap already, it's already obvious that you're a Zionist propagandist assigned to this forum. The majority of your daily comments on this forum are non-Micronesia related.
  • This is really interesting. I am now looking into this and from all the data I've looked at it looks like this isn't the first person that was killed with connections to the Hillary camp.
  • Don't pet the @coconuts anti Jew comments fool you. The story is being washed out by the mainstream media. And you are right this isn't the first person that was killed/murdered with connections to the DNC/Hillary.
  • And how is this story relevant to anything Micronesian? Please explain.
  • Because we have a COFA.....duhhhh! And there was a discussion in here that said russia is the reason why trump won....duhhhh! And we have thousands of Micronesians who are American citizens....duhhhh! And another thousand who live and work in the US and its territories....duhhhh!
  • Thank you PawNStaR: Keep it coming as we must be aware of such information. There are no restrictions on what should be posted on this forum except real nasty ones.
  • Here is an interesting information. This is the 4th person to be killed with connections to Hillary and the DNC. All 4 were killed within a month of each other. All 4 persons were going to testified against Hillary and the DNC but all 4 have been killed/murdered.

    Here are the 4 murder victims.
  • Here is a leaked memo from the DNC regarding Seth Rich death that Wikileaks leaked on Twitter. Notice the veiled threat in the memo that is directed to any DNC staffers who do the same thing that Seth did.

  • The latest person killed before he testified against Hillary and the DNC. His name was Seth Rich. The media is not reporting this. Because it will put a wet blanket over their "Russian/Trump" collusion witch hunt. This is the person that leaked the DNC info to Wikileaks which was the main reason Hillary lost the Elections to Trump. The Media and the democrats blame the Russians for. The dots are connecting now.

  • LOL, dead man talking. sorry pawned, couldn't control myself. carry on soldier!
  • You know where to find me period. No more talk from now on. From now on, you're all fucked!
  • Reap what you sow.
  • You guys are not being fair to Pawn Stars. He has every right to be on this forum as everyone else. Ignore if you don't like. Ei forum mine oupuene omusak pwimi. Mwa met chienei.
  • This is what liberalism is. I know cause I once sipped from the kool aid of liberalism. This is what they are doing all over America. Agree with me or ship up. Claim to be progressives but are regressive. Claim to champion the right to free speech but when your views are different from them, they try to shut that freedom.

  • Family of slain DNC staffer disputes Fox report: 'We see no facts'

    Slain DNC staffer's family quashes report he had contact with WikiLeaks

    That report about Seth Rich, the slain DNC staffer, is hot hunk of hokum.

    Fox, and Infowars publish debunked conspiracy about murdered DNC staffer.

    @PawNStaR You and your fake news again. There's a special place in hell for a wanna be white trash, racist, piece of SHITS like you.
  • @nesian691, sorry but the Washington examiner is a tabloid media.

    a newspaper having pages half the size of those of a standard newspaper, typically popular in style and dominated by headlines, photographs, and sensational stories.

    Keyword to take is sensational stories. Haha

    Fake news outlets calling outer fake news. Haha

    No one is buying that fake news nonesuch.
  • @PawNStaR LMFAO you sound like that cry baby in the oval office rite now. Once faced with truth and facts, he starts calling the media fake. Fox news and Info Wars are fake news. The whole world knows that. And dont try to educate me cuz we both know you're the one that desperately needs it.

  • @PawNStaR's breathren. All tough and then after being arrested........ well you tell me LMFAO
    #SnowFlakes #CryBaby #Disgraceful #TrumpsAmerica
  • @nesian691 nice to have you back from the snowflakes corner.

    Democrats in their true form.
  • @PawNStaR LOL Racist white trash like you are the real snowflakes. Like you bro above.

    Anyways, lets get back to the topic of discussion. The family of Seth Rich said he had no contact with wikileaks. And the fox news report on it was made up as well. Tell us where you're getting your reports from
  • This is the man the democrats call Russian Hacking. A week before he was to testify he was murdered. Not the first time someone with Hillary connection was murdered. This is murdered guy number 4.
  • @PawNStaR Don't you ever ask yourself why you're wasting your precious time on believing in conspiracy theories and not facts? Pitiful
  • @nesian691 like how the Russian hacking is not a conspiracy theory too? Hahaha. All for the burthurt of November where the liberals lost.
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