Democrats wanted Comey Fired, Trumps Fired him now they are OUTRAGED

Democrats were calling for the removal of Former FBI James Comey because according to the Democrats and two time presidential hopeful and loser Hillary "He handed Trump the election".

""I do not have confidence in him [Jim Comey] any longer" was a quote, not from President Trump, but from Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, in early November. But in a remarkable turn of events, today, Schumer called Trump's abrupt firing of the F.B.I. Director, "deeply troubling".

Echoing Schumer just months ago, House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi lamented, "Maybe he's not in the right job." Just six days ago Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff complained about Comey's "disparate" treatment of Trump versus Clinton. And Democratic Congressman Tim Walz joined the chorus: "I no longer have faith in him. Some of the things that were revealed in this classified briefing - my confidence has been shook."

Now that he got Fired by President Trump the democrats are asking why?

Latest Headline from the Democrat newspaper the New York Times says :In Trump’s Firing of James Comey, Echoes of Watergate

The New York time is now asking why Comey got fired forgetting that months ago the same New York Times called Comey a Coward that handed Trump the elections and ran many stories along with CNN calling for Comey to be fired.


  • Some say Trump fired him because J.Comey was getting close to the trail on the Russian connection to Trump and would have lead to impeachment of trump.
  • @Anunaki this has just another smokeless fire cooked up by the Democrats. Don't you find it a little weird that the Democrats have been calling for James comeys removal and now that it happened they come up with another conspiracy within a conspiracy which they made up. The entire Russian Trump collusion is a conspiracy cooked up by the democrats.

    The letter Trump wrote to James Comey explaining why he for fired says it clearly. In the letter Trumps says that even though Comey told him 3 times that he isn't under investigation he let him go because he has lost faith in him. From this letter you and everyone will now know that the whole trump Russian collusion is a hoax. Comey told trump personally 3 times that he isn't investigating him.

    The letter has been made public and you can access it and read it for yourself.

    Trump fired him because of James Comey is tracking his feed in not telling the media that the Russian investigation is a dead end.
  • Here is a video compilation of Democrats Senators asking for the James comey to Step down.

    The Narrative so far regarding James Comey.

    1. After elections the Democrats caller for his resignation/ Firing.

    2. Trumps fires him.

    3. Democrats asking for investigation into why James got fired.

    ((( Hypocrisy )))

    Poll: Americans REALLY Didn't Like Comey Before Trump Fired Him

    Prior to the firing of James Comey from his position as FBI director, it was clear that the American people were not particularly fond of him.

    In March, a poll conducted by Harvard-Harris showed that a plurality of Americans didn't have a favorable view of Comey — 35% — while only 17% had a favorable view of the former FBI director at the time. Forty-eight percent said they didn't have an opinion about Comey.

    That means the number of Americans who disliked Comey outnumbered those who liked him by a margin that was slightly bigger than two-to-one.

    Among political affiliations, Democrats had an overall negative opinion of Comey by a margin of 41% to 12%. Republican views on Comey were more split: 27% had an unfavorable of him while 26% viewed him unfavorably.
  • James Comey letter after he was fired.

    To all: I have long believed that a President can fire an FBI Director for any reason, or for no reason at all. I'm not going to spend time on the decision or the way it was executed. I hope you won't either. It is done, and I will be fine, although I will miss you and the mission deeply. I have said to you before that, in times of turbulence, the American people should see the FBI as a rock of competence, honesty, and independence. What makes leaving the FBI hard is the nature and quality of its people, who together make it that rock for America. It is very hard to leave a group of people who are committed only to doing the right thing. My hope is that you will continue to live our values and the mission of protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution. If you do that, you too will be sad when you leave, and the American people will be safer. Working with you has been one of the great joys of my life. Thank you for that gift. Jim Comey
  • Lets take a stroll down memory lane...

    JAN 15, 2017 1:55 PM
    Bernie Sanders calls FBI head James Comey’s actions before election ‘unacceptable,’ suggests he should resign

    Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) suggested Sunday he wouldn't be opposed to seeing FBI Director James Comey resign, due to fallout over his decision to reopen an investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server just days before the 2016 election.

    "I think he should take a hard look at what he has done, and it would not be a bad thing for the American people if he did step down," Sanders said on ABC's "This Week," calling Comey's reopening of the probe "outrageous."

    Present Situation
    Now Senator Sanders is asking why James comey got fired.
  • Another Stroll down memory lane...

    Wed November 02, 2016
    Pelosi on Comey: 'Maybe he's not in the right job'

    House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that FBI Director James Comey is perhaps "not in the right job" given how he has handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email use.

    Pelosi declined to say in an interview with CNN's Jamie Gangel that Comey should resign or be removed, but did not rule it out in the future.

    "Maybe he's not in the right job," Pelosi said. "I think that we have to just get through this election and just see what the casualties are along the way."

    The former House speaker said Comey had made a "mistake" by sending a letter to Congress about the new review of emails potentially related to Clinton's private server after not recommending prosecution earlier this summer. She alleged that he had a "double standard" given reports that Comey at other points did not want to use his agency to interfere in the election, adding that the new investigation is interfering in the race.

    Present situation

    Senator Pelosi is asking why Comey got fired and amongst Democrats asking for investigation into Comeys firing.
  • Another stroll down memory lane...

    5 Months ago
    Harry Reid: Comey Should Resign

    In the wake of a “soul-crushing” report on Russia’s meddling in the presidential election, Sen. Harry Reid has called for FBI Director James Comey to resign for allegedly withholding information on President-elect Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. Reid, who was a fierce opponent of Comey’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, which many believe cost her the election, told MSNBC on Saturday that he believes the FBI knew all along that Russia was helping Trump and deliberately did nothing about it. “This is not fake news. Intelligence officials are hiding connections to the Russian government. There is no question,” Reid said. “Comey knew and deliberately kept this info a secret,” he said. Asked whether he believes Comey should step down over the matter, Reid replied, “Of course, yes.” A report released late Friday concluded that Russia interfered with the election to help Trump win, a fact which staffers for Hillary Clinton said was “soul-crushing.” The report has triggered calls for further investigation, with incoming Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer on Saturday calling for a congressional probe.

    Present situation
    Senator Reid is amongst the numbers of Democrats asking why Trump fired Comey and is asking for investigation into Comeys firing.
  • Another stroll down memory lane...This time we look at the biggest fake news outlet of them all....CNN

    Sun October 30, 2016
    CNN: Time for FBI director Comey to go

    Donald Trump's oft-repeated claim that the FBI's investigation of "Crooked Hillary" and the presidential election itself were and are "rigged," seems to have thrown FBI Director James Comey into a state of panic. In foolishly making a public announcement that the bureau is reviewing newly discovered emails related to Hillary Clinton's personal server, he has inserted himself yet again into the presidential campaign.

    The FBI virtually never announces the commencement or termination of ongoing criminal investigations or the discovery of new evidence. Such inquiries are often conducted in relative secrecy, enabling a more efficient investigation.

    It is not unusual for investigations in so-called "white collar" cases to go on for years, luring the target into an unfounded belief that he or she is in the clear. Then the hammer falls. A grand jury indictment is announced by the Department of Justice and the handcuffs are swiftly employed.

    The old, sensible FBI rule book apparently has been thrown on the trash heap this year. While undoubtedly attempting to be open and "transparent," to protect the reputation of the FBI, the FBI director has tossed a Molotov cocktail into the presidential race.

    The FBI was now taking "appropriate investigative steps. ... to assess their importance to our investigation." What in the world does this mean? One thing it means is that this issue will move to front and center during the final days of the presidential campaign.

    Voters must now be subjected to endless speculation in the press and explicit accusations from the Trump campaign and other Republican candidates that Hillary Clinton is a "criminal" aided and abetted by a rigged FBI and Justice Department. Comey's "openness and transparency" will blow up in his face and further tarnish the FBI's reputation. He has reinserted the Bureau into the political process.

    The director probably feared that leaks would lead to speculation that a renewed Hillary investigation was underway. In trying to get ahead of criticism of the FBI for jumping to a conclusion too quickly and closing the original Hillary Clinton email investigation, he has only made matters worse and dropped a huge new issue into the presidential campaign, 11 days before the election.

    Present situation
    CNN is now saying that the firing of Comey is like "Playing with Fire" and pushing the narrative that Congress should investigate Why comey was fired.
  • Stroll down memory lane....

    6 months ago
    Clinton: FBI Cost Me Election

    In a 30-minute conference call with donors on Saturday, Hillary Clinton pointed the finger at FBI director James Comey for her loss. According to the New York Times Clinton said, “There are lots of reasons why an election like this is not successful … our analysis is that Comey’s letter raising doubts that were groundless, baseless, proven to be, stopped our momentum.” Clinton also claimed that the second letter, which cleared her a second time, actually caused even more damage because it fed into Trump’s argument of a rigged system. Clinton said that after Comey’s letters, her numbers dropped in battleground states where she had been leading.

    Present situation
    Hillary is now taking a active part in the whole "Resist" movement and it was he comment that egged on her fellow Democrats to ask for Comeys resignation.
  • Another Stroll Down Memory Lane...This time the ThinkProgress a liberal founded Vlog.

    October 31, 2016
    "The case for firing James Comey"

    What was FBI Director James Comey thinking?
    Let’s take stock of all that we’ve learned since Comey sent a cryptic letter to several Republican congressional committee chairs on Friday informing them that the FBI had uncovered some emails that may, or may not, have something to do with a previous investigation into Secretary Hillary Clinton’s private email server.
    We know that Comey does not know what is in these emails.
    We know that many, possibly even all, of these emails may be duplicates of messages the FBI already reviewed.
    We know that, at the time when Comey wrote his letter, the FBI had not even obtained a warrant permitting them to read these emails.
    Some reports state that the emails are “not to or from Clinton.”

    Oh, and we know one other thing. We also know that Comey violated longstanding Justice Department protocol when he decided to disclose the very few facts that he actually did disclose in his letter to the Republican chairs. And we know that he wrote the letter over the explicit objections of Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
    Taken together, these actions constitute a fireable offense.
    President Obama should fire James Comey. He should do so not because of the political consequences of Comey’s actions — although those consequences could be quite severe — but because Comey’s actions show an unacceptable disregard for the safeguards that exist to protect innocents from the awesome power of a federal police force.
    Where Comey went wrong
    The Justice Department, as former Deputy Attorneys General Jamie Gorelick and Larry Thompson explain in the Washington Post, operates “under long-standing and well-established traditions limiting disclosure of ongoing investigations to the public and even to Congress, especially in a way that might be seen as influencing an election.” Yet Comey gave unclear but highly damaging information to a major presidential candidate’s political enemies just eleven days before the 2016 election.
    And he did so despite the fact that he has no idea whether there is any evidence that she did something wrong — and despite the fact that his agents haven’t even begun to search for such evidence. It’s as if Comey implicated Clinton in the John F. Kennedy assassination because Comey heard that she may have once been in Dallas.

    Present situation
    This website is now pushing the narrative asking why its wrong to fire comey and also asking for investigation into why he was fired.

  • Another STroll down memory lane...This time lets look at the liberal outlet the Wall Street Journal.

    January 13, 2017 - 10:04 AM EST
    Wall Street Journal: Comey should resign

    The Wall Street Journal says President-elect Donald Trump's incoming administration should fire James Comey if the FBI director does not resign.

    "The best service Mr. Comey can render his country now is to resign," its editors wrote Thursday. "Failing that, [Sen.] Jeff Sessions [R-Ala.] should invite him for a meeting after he is confirmed as Attorney General and ask him to resign."

    "If Mr. Comey declines, Donald Trump can and should fire him in the best interests of the nation's most important law enforcement agency."

    The editorial board said there is bipartisan dissatisfaction with Comey after last year's presidential race.

    "It's no secret that the United States is a house divided in 2017, and that Americans of different political persuasions agree on little when it comes to Washington," the said. "But there's one tall exception to this state of affairs, and his name is James B. Comey."

    "But if the FBI director has demonstrated anything in the last year, it's that he has lost the trust of nearly everyone in Washington, along with every American who believes the FBI must maintain its reputation as a politically impartial federal agency."

    Present situation
    The WSJ is also pushing the narrative agenda as to why Trump fired Comey.
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