Obama Takes Private Jet, 14-Car Motorcade -- to Climate Change Speech

Former president Barack Obama cares about the environment. A lot. So much so that he took time out of his busy schedule of hob-nobbing with celebrities on a super yacht in Tahiti to attend a "climate change" summit in Italy.

But America's first black president wasn't so green. He took a private jet to Milan, then rolled into the city in a 14-car motorcade -- with a helicopter keeping watch overhead. He dumped enough carbon into the environment to kill a small forest.

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  • Ease up on the joint maaaan!!! Wtf is wrong with it...too strong? Lol
  • Obama: "Climate change is the reason for all the political instability in the world"

    His Milan remarks offered nothing but vague hypotheticals at odds with one another.

    Speaking in Milan on Tuesday at the Global Food Innovation Summit, Barack Obama — who was introduced as “the man that gave us hope, dreams and made us become better people” — told the crowd he forgot his tie. In a display of his post-presidency cool, he opted instead for a dress shirt unbuttoned to mid-chest. He appeared relaxed, sun-kissed, and, as always, supremely confident.

    In his opening remarks, Obama claimed that “for all the challenges we face, this is the one that will define the contours of this century more dramatically perhaps than any other.” He blamed climate change for everything from weather conditions in America (“where states are seeing floods on sunny days, where wildfire seasons are longer and more dangerous”) to the EU’s influx of migrants, which he claimed was caused not only by the conflict in Syria, but also by “food shortages that will get far worse as climate change continues.” (He later said the strain that climate refugees have put on the EU’s political system is “just the beginning.”)

    That wouldn’t be the only humanitarian tragedy that Obama would attribute to man-made climate change during his appearance. He also blamed the phenomenon for making food production more difficult. “We’ve already seen shrinking yields and spiking food prices that in some cases are leading to political instability.” But for most of the world outside, say, Venezuela or North Korea, this is simply not the case. Yields continue to rise in every major crop. High food prices, scarcity, and hunger are almost always the result of failed government and economic systems, not the methane emissions of cows.

    That's right the climate change warrior burned more gas that contributed to the "climate change" event he went to speak at. Which was paying him $3 Million to attend.

    Obama:climate change is the cause of political instability.

    I peg the differ Mr. Obama. Didn't you circulate and started the "Russian & Trump Collusion " conspiracy theory before you left office? Ain't that why the US is in witnessing a political instability? Also didn't you allow ISIS to take control of Iraq and half of Syria and aided in the killing of Gaddafi? Ain't that why the middle east is having a political and social and civil war?

    So you claim North Korea is building missiles because of climate change and i thought it was ran by a mad man. I must be wrong. You also say Europe is being flooded by Muslim refugees because of climate change. And i thought they were fleeing the civil wars and ISIS which you ignored. So Russia invaded Ukraine because of climate change and china is building man made islands and putting weapons on them also because of climate change. And the president of Philippines is killing drug dealers also because of climate change?

    Mr.Obama you might have went to Harvard but you ain't that smart.
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