What ever happened to the Impeachment of Pohnpei Supreme Court Chief Justice?

If a common person is caught with their hands in the cookie jar, the law will strike him right there and on the spot...but when it comes to a leader in the Government, like the Chief Justice....nothing happens.

Where's the Justice? What is the Legislature doing? No more bullets in your pistols? Getting too old for your job? . Pohnpei Legislature needs new blood and brave men, not actors! Do what is right for crying out loud.


  • That's Injustice at its best. Come on Pohnpei, don't sacrifice the state for the one bad orange.
  • It is happening nansokole. A resolution for impeachment was introduced.

    Dehr karuwa pein karatamah
  • There is currently a criminal case and civil case filed against the Chief Justice and rumor has it that the Legislature has decided to await the disposition of the legal matters at court before proceeding. Must they wait for the outcome to decide the fate of the CJ? No, at this moment if I were the CJ I would resign as his character has totally been tarnished by all these events. Whether he is found guilty or not in court, his credibility as a judge is pretty much destroyed. My advise to you CJ is to resign and save some face for your own sake. Abusing and misusing trust is nonexcusable
  • Abuse of approx. $100,000 of Supreme Court funds. The same 'ol motha !@#$%^%$# disease. It's now spread to the freakin Chief of all Justices!

    What a shame.
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