I wish it was possible to establish a bachelor's degree program on Palikir

Now that USP is establishing a bigger presence of its higher education degree program in Majuro, the next question would be if the same could be done in FSM or Palau.

I would suggest that before that is considered, it would be good to look into the possibility of establishing a 2-year (junior/senior) bachelor's degree in Palikir--to go along with the existing community college there. I think we can learn from NMC where, it is my understanding, they have both community college as well as 4-year college program on the same campus or something like that.

If such program would be accredited by the US agencies, then, Pell Grants could be used to pay for tuition. Just some thoughts.


  • How about partner up with RMI/COM and establish a Pacific/COFA higher education institution in our region.
  • If possible, that would be great. A lot of money earmarked for "Micronesia" was spent building the Palikir campus at the time when the leaders were thinking of one institution for the region. Also a lot of RMI Compact money was spent building the really nice current CMI campus.

    So it's going to be money-well spent on these nice facilities if the junior/senior year could be added to the program; and more importantly funded by students' tuition from their Pell grant eligibility. This will help the governments so they don't have to put up all the funds to operate the programs.
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