President Christian's Guam comment

Can someone explain what President Christian meant when he thanked Guam for allowing us (FSM) to come and work, study, etc. in Guam, and then he said "hopefully we fill your jails to." What the heck is that? Is there some hidden meaning?


  • Hopefully, ika re nukummach re-FSM pwan uweirenong non ami kei jails. Isn't that clear and simple? I do side with the President.
  • Sandma, what the heck you are trying to explain to us with a broken statement? "hopefully we fill your jails to." Fill your jails to.... to do what? Please give us a complete sentence.
  • Melvin, maybe you haven't seen it:

    Federated States of Micronesia President Peter Christian may have said it lightheartedly, but his joke about hosting prison inmates from the FSM was no laughing matter for Guam.

    "I thank you for welcoming our people to come to your shores, look for jobs, look for better education and look for help – and hopefully fill up your jails," Christian said.
    Christian made the comment at a reception earlier this week for attendees of the Micronesia Island Forum, which was attended by island presidents and governors from the Micronesia region, an event Guam hosted over the past few days.
    Christian declined to be interviewed when The Guam Daily Post personally asked him.
    Gov. Eddie Calvo's office prefers not to comment on what Christian said, according to governor's spokeswoman Oyaol Ngirairikl yesterday.
    Christian also said, "I'd like to thank the governor and, through you, the people of Guam for allowing us to meet here on this island, which our ancestors claimed for their own many centuries ago."

    The governor has commuted the sentences of a number of FSM citizens, and in some cases turned over FSM nationals to the custody of the federal immigration authorities to start the deportation process.
    Prison statistics
    Department of Corrections statistics records last year show nearly a third of more than 700 inmates at the Guam prison are from citizens of the FSM.
    DOC estimated in a report released in February that its cost to provide meals, beds, health care and other prison services to regional immigrants, primarily from the FSM, went up from $7.5 million last year to $8.3 million compared to the previous year.

    Let me know what you think bro Melvin? LukeNate seems to know what we're talking about.
  • It was meant as a joke.
  • Analytically, he'd rather see them jailed than get killed on the streets for their misbehavior 'anal-eatingly'. lol
  • No matter how we try to twist that "hopefully fill up your jails", those were very poor choice of words to be said by the president and very inappropriate venue and time to be joking about an issue of significant impact.
  • Pwipwi PawnStar, joke or otherwise, it does mean what he meant to say. Isn't this the usual way our parents command a sponsoring friend/brother, etc. to treat their children?
  • I think kinen made a clear comments. If they meet at a place for joking only fine. But if those words will be file as part of his statements as a President of FSM, then kinen is right.
    Sandman, I am sorry but I don't quite get the points as to why they bring up the cost analysis for the prison. The department of correction put together the cost without any mention of how much does it cost to do all the services to change life and improve understanding of the law of Guam? Do they meant to say that the funding appropriate for their prison does not include Micronesian cause they consider foreign? Does the appropriation law specifically appropriated for locals only?
    Many Micronesian are now working for US and are tax payer for the US government. They contribute to the appropriation for those purposes. Are they not? Are we gonna work and pay tax to take care of our own Micronesian expense for those kind of situation? So, what is the point of the Free Association of our government? Are we not free to do those as they happen in US and vise versa if its happen in our Nation of Micronesia? Guam is only a small sibling of US. US is the Father. Let the father sits down and talk as father and father talks. Not a small kid with and adults.

  • Politicians do it all the time. Make jokes at events and gathering. Its no different then this. I actually think it was funny.
  • Of course you would think it was are funny
  • It was meant as a joke but those with "hyper sensitivity " will take offense at it even if none was intended.
  • Melvin, I think the cost analysis was brought up because of the comment by President Christian.
  • Not make any sense to me and any connection to be. I am out of the pivots. This is my own opinion and personal judgement.
  • The question remains, why would he say such a thing? Some say he was joking, some say he was serious, regardless, he shouldn't have said it. What was he thinking?
  • Because it put humor at the Guam deportation issue and at the same time makes fun of it. Its witty. Its called throwing shade to put light at the issue. Remember Obama said a few months ago that the President of the PI was a colorful guy in regards to the PI president cursing at him. No harm done. Or would you rather he be PC about it?
  • Not funny at all. If it was meant to be funny, it is definitely poor taste. But not surprised with this man.
  • Go easy on him. He suffers from foot-in-mouth disease.
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    They say the comment is attributed to illiteracy ( It could be a variety of factors. Nonetheless, it is especially not funny when FSM had previously established diplomatic tie with Cuba, whose leader was known to have sent criminals and mentally ill Cubans to the US in the late 80's. The "Scar Face" movie was about some of those exiled criminal migrants. Another reason why I think the comment is dumb is because the Micronesians abroad have suffered discrimination on an annual basis via media campaigns. This is due to Peter Christian's concurrence to the Compact Impact Grant provision when he negotiated the amended compact. This resulted in the annual media campaigns against Micronesian migrants and their impacts on their host's public service coffers. The negative headlines/news coverage are then used to justify for more of the federal grant (because the dog that barks louder gets the bone). The same media and administrators will use Peter Christian's words to justify for more of this grant. And those who will suffer the most will be the Micronesians who pay american taxes daily to U.S states and territories where they are being discriminated against. But we can't blame anyone but ourselves for repeatedly electing ignorant dinosaurs into office.
  • I was in Guam and Hawaii last month. I drove around in both places after work and every fast-food place is filled with FSM people (either Micronesians who are U.S. citizens who let go of their other passports that are not helping them or just FSM citizens). I saw people working at hotels, computer repair place, AC repair places, ExxonMobile, Walmart, Sam's Club, ABC stores in Wakiki, United counter in Hawaii and Guam, Hertz car rental in Guam and that is just the speck on the tip of the ice berg. We are contribution big time to the U.S. economy and this new trend by Trump and others on "lets get rid of them if any of them are not helping" attitude is not new but is more bold with internet and that is the other end of the stupid spectrum. Ariola in Guam is basically the attorney for the idiots in Guam. There are many more in Hawaii. At the other end are the comments. The comments were no "oral typo". There were deliberate but were meant to be funny by an unexposed and prideful "leader." It was not funny at all. Our struggling people working in the U.S. are not being helped by their government (reason for leaving in the first place) and just when things are getting comfortable, our government chased them down and hit them on their heads. If you are tired of electing dinosaurs, then elections is just two years away.
  • He was making fun of the the discrimination but people are easily offended for no reason. Our counterparts in the RMI are praising our president for the joke. He is a capable man, graduate of Xavier's then went to UH.
  • Many of the negative comments are from Guamanians who are guilty of discrimination and many of the supporting comments are also from Guamanians who see the discrimination.
  • Right you are my dear sir pawny. It was a ice breaker.
  • No it was offensive because he brought media attention to the discrimination and he let the world know that even fellow Micronesians hate other Micronesians because of media (FAKE NEWS) portrayal of fsm micros. I hope the president apologize (SARCASM)...
  • Perhaps he should have added one word-"NOT" after "hopefully" and before "fill"....
  • I've seen language like this in semi-high levels meetings when I supported the military. It's subtle verbal combat- if this is the same as I experienced. Col.'s and Gen.'s will make subtle comments jokingly to each other throughout meetings regarding each others perceptions of units, strategies, and such. For the most part, as PawnStar put it, it's a subtle way of giving notice. In this case, I cannot be completely sure about this, but it sounds like a joke placed to notify the Governor- we know what you've been giving in your interviews- we know where you stand. If this joke was delivered behind closed doors without coverage, I would have agreed with it wholly. Was the timing poor? Should this joke have been reserved for a more closed setting? I guess that's going to be up to public perception. You have to agree though, even with the uproar it's caused, it has elevated this topic to the top.
  • They say he said it during one of the dinner receptions. Does it make any difference if what they say is true?

    I kinda wonder though, if the issue on overcrowding the jails in Guam was ever discussed at any time during meeting. We understand that it has become a concern for Governor of Guam because his budget may have run short due to unanticipated increase in jail time judgements due to the rapid increase in convicted offenders. Thus, the remarks by President notso Christian.

    Anyway, timing of the "joke" should be known first and comments will be made.

    My corroded nickel.
  • This is why liberalism is a mental disease. Get offended at anything without for no anything. Get mad for the deportations yet when the president highlights the issue through a joke they get mad.
  • Rastaman,

    Others having an opinion that differs than yours does not qualify it as a disease. There are large number of jokes that offend some people. To say they're being offended is a disease is a bit much, don't you think? Consider this: Should one consider your fervent disagreement with what the left believes an indication to the left that you have a disease?

    Differing opinions and differing sensibilities are just that and not necessarily indications of some mental defect. We were all raised by different people, in different environments, with different values... to imply a whole subset of the population is "diseased" because they don't hold the same beliefs as you is well... I'll just leave it at that.
  • xectms,
    Rasta aka PawnStar is an agitator. Agitators like Rasta seldom agree much less care about the views of others. Rasta/Pawnstar is never wrong-in his
  • xectms,
    SakaSaka aka Sarem Chuuk aka factsmatter aka nesian691 aka coconut aka lihndanpei will always put their emotions ahead of logic. Either they are right or your a
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