What is Chuuk State Chamber of Commerce?

What is the Chuuk Chamber of Commerce doing?


  • It is a group of businessman who put their head together and try to find ways legally to make money fast in a timely manner.
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    Working hard to earn money and protecting their interests while at the same time contributing to Chuuk's economy.
  • The Chuuk Chamber of Commerce is a local organization of businesses and companies in Weno with the intention to develop and further the interests of local companies and businesses in Micronesia .

    Members of the Chamber of Commerce are usually international and local operating companies, such as lawyers, property developers, tourism companies, airlines, manufacturing companies, import and export businesses, banks, finance companies, IT and electronics manufacturers etc.

    Chambers of Commerce main activities are, among others, safeguarding business interests and sharing business experiences and business interests, contact with governments, civil society, etc.
  • Also could be summed up in a three-word definition: MAJOR TAX PAYERS of any given society, for that matter, Chuuk State Government. They are the backbone of the economy thereby deserving to be the fourth branch of government as is often times proposed. On the other hand, they never did pay their fair share of the tax. Some hide their alcohol stuff in the deepest section of containers from Custom Agents if they can't bribe them. I wonder though if there is even one unbribable agent in Chuuk.
  • Thank you all for the feed backs! What I am really interested in finding out is, is the Chuuk Chamber active today? What are they doing? Can we Identify any of the members or presiding officers? I understand the Chuuk Chamber is a Non-Profit Organization. Who is funding their operation?
  • They sale the people in the Chuuk Lagoon expensive rice. Knowing there will be no rice available.
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