May 2 is Tuna Day

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I am glad that this day is devoted to Tuna. Many different discussions and activities will be held regarding this important resource for the islands; and for economic development of the island nations. Much has been happening with the tuna industry. Let's hope that the leadership of PNA and other countries in the region and the world will continue to find ways to ensure sustainability of tuna.

It is my understanding that Palau had created a policy to protect tuna from overfishing by prohibiting large commercial fishing boats from Palau water. This is meant to allow the tuna to grow more as they pass thru the Palau waters before they are caught in other jurisdiction. I don't know if I am saying it right; but if that is true, then, that is great and should be made known by all. Just some thoughts.


  • What's the catch for the day marc, we abstain from eating tuna products or we advocate tuna products only on the day?
    I'm not being sarcastic. It's a legit ? for me.
    I don't quite get the essence of that preserving the tuna population for another jurisdiction. I wonder if we will benefit from that scheme if we follow suit.
  • kinen, your observation and comments are meaningful. Tuna should be harvested for economic development of the island nations---not preserved alive for the sake of preserving them. On the other hand, harvesting should be done on sustainable basis. I would not advocate the Palau approach to all the island nations because most of the island nations have no choice but do need to harvest the tuna for their economic development programs.

    I think for Palau, they've decided that they will experiment with the tuna harvest ban for the sake of humanity; for the sake of helping with the survivability of the tuna population; and for other reasons only Palau can explain. I believe Palau can afford to do this because of its reasonably successful tourism industry. So they might be thinking that conservation of natural resources is also good for tourism including the fishing component of tourism--not the intense commercial harvesting that many longliners do.

    I am sure that Palau will be losing some revenue during this experiment; and hopefully, they can find other revenue sources including contributions from UN agencies and other non-profits which promote these kinds of conservation programs throughout the world.

    However, if the "tuna commercial fishing ban experiment" causes a lot of loss of national revenue; and a lot of stress to the political process; then, I am sure Palauans will reconsider this program in the future. It looks like a good attempt to balance interests and nature. Hopefully, it will work out for Palauan people in the long run.

    It'll be good to hear from Palau-based posters to this Forum on some of the issues and benefits for this tuna fishing ban. Perhaps, other countries might benefit from learning how the ban is doing with the revenue streams for the government. Just some thoughts as we put some focus on Tuna during the Tuna Day.
  • I think we should eat a lot of tuna--sashimi, canned, soup, grilled, etc. to show appreciation to the natural resource that we are blessed with.

    We should also point out some of the issues regarding tuna policy. If it's not inappropriate, it might be a good day to speak up on the need for the FSM states to receive some tuna-derived revenues from the FSM national government. Just some thoughts as we gear up for the tuna day. Just some thoughts.
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