(HAWAII) Group of friends contracted Rat Lungworm Disease after Drinking Contaminated Kava/Sakau

Vili Latuhoi can't hold back tears as he talks about his ordeal with rat lungworm disease. Latuhoi and his friends contracted the disease after drinking homemade kava that was improperly stored.




  • There are lots of little crawly creepy creatures crawling inside a cup of kava. A few months ago, I took a sample and placed it underneath a microscope and was surprised to see multitudes of little crawly creepy creatures swimming around like little kids inside a swimming pool.

    You know when you get a 5 gallon bottle of water at a reverse osmosis filtration facility, those are clean, thats why people drink them. Same for when you take taro out of mud and cook it for hours to kill the little creepy crawly creatures.

    Sakau is washed with water, until it looks clean, then it is pounded on top of a rock, placed into pandanus or i don't know what it is called, then squeezed, this oozy gooey liquid is poured into the cups or bottles then sold to a customer.

    Even if you don't get stomach aches, the bacteria will continue to live inside your mouths, stomachs, intestines, anus, and of course rectums for years. Eventually it will cause problems for you when your immune system is weakened by injuries, other illnesses, recovery from major surgery, etc.

    Then a long slow painful death will come.

    This is why I do not drink it. It is unsanitary and unhealthy.
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