Chuuk State Senators and Representatives

Our Chuuk 14th Legislature have taken their oath of office and are now officially members of the 14th CSL. Congratulations all and wishing you all the courage you need to carry out your respective duties and responsibilities to Chuuk State. I only ask that you do your utmost in respect to your fellow constituents and our state. As for the senators I ask for you humble patience to tackle the importance of confirming the directors, deputy directors and others to assume such important posts.

We need to work for the betterment of our Chuuk State and set aside all our differences if we are to prosper beyond the 2023 that almost all are eyeing.

Again I congratulate all of you and wish you the best...


  • Thank you chuukiss.
    I sincerely hope if we really want to save money for the state, we don't need deputy directors. They're there for politics only. The departments are small enough for director. They have chiefs who can act in their absences.
    That will be a whopping $200,000 plus saving for the state. Have the Lt. Gov'nor head one of the departs for another saving. Lt. Gov'nor and deputy directors basically don't do much but be present and draw salary regardless of attendance.
    Do it to show sincerity.
    Go for one house legislature before you tax the people.
  • and then . . . get rid of the commission for Chuuk Independence. Are they set to travel again soon?
  • O separation movement is my cup of tea lately.
    Let them travel to look for
    money for Chuuk after 2023.
    Money spend is money gain.
  • Not sure that is right, kinen. Money spent is money spent, as far as I can see. I remember a saying that went "It takes money to make money," which is probably true.

    If they are spending money looking for investment in Chuuk, I hope they know where they are looking, and not just wandering in the desert hoping to come upon somebody willing to drop a few hundred million in investment dollars with limited possibilities of return on the investment.
  • Would someone please provide an official roster of these honorable men for the record and for the benefit of some of us who wish to keep a historical file on members of our Legislature?
  • kinen, kose kan mochen anis ngeniei ai na tungorun roster won official members of our legislature? Ika ese wor mwo neum nge ngang men sinei nge en men tongeni kuna ia kopwe kuna me ia echo. tirow wom.
  • Kinisou LukeNate, met chok uwa weri me won ei MICSEM ina met uwa asapasap won, omusano.
  • iwe pwan kinisou. ina ma ii epwe wor neun chuuk epwene fen ii wes ne feer. sipwap tutungor rer.
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