Trump confused about which countries he is attacking

Donald Trump gave an interview to Fox Business Channel where he discussed his missile strikes in Syria. But during the interview, he spent more time talking about how great the chocolate cake was that he had that evening than the rationale for the strike. He also just happened to mention that he sent missiles to Iraq, and that’s when the interviewer had to correct him and remind him that he actually bombed Syria.


  • PawnNStar,

    You need to get your mother to wash your mouth out with some strong soap. Then check yourself in to a mental institution. One that doesn't have internet access so we don't have to listen to your rants. Maybe you and Bill O'Reilly could go on vacation together and just never come back. I hope.
  • @Rant hahahaha. Liberals are mad he didn't attack and mad he didn't sent the striker group. Trump has a all star team to advice him. All combat tested and all have served in the war on terror and prior. His national security adviser is a vet of the gulf war and Iraq and Afghan war and so is his Secretary or defense.

    The Military is behind him. The people are behind him. The UN is behind his offense in Syria. The only ones who aren't are the liberals.
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