ICE Arrests Have Doubled Under Trump

Immigration arrests rose 32.6 percent during the first few weeks of the Trump administration and arrests of undocumented individuals with no criminal records more than doubled to 5,441.

According to statistics requested by the Washington Post, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 21,362 immigrants between January and mid-March, up from 16,104 during the same time period last year. The rate at which immigrants with some kind of criminal background were arrested rose only 15 percent, indicating that ICE has shifted its focus significantly to detaining and deporting undocumented immigrants who have never been convicted of a crime.

Trump told 60 Minutes just after he was elected president that under his administration ICE would, “make a determination on people…who are terrific people, but we are gonna make a determination at that.”

Maybe a few people took comfort in this basically incomprehensible word mess, but then he actually assumed office and, well, now those words are officially meaningless.


  • ICE has shifted its focus significantly to detaining and deporting undocumented immigrants who have never been convicted of a crime.

    Oh the bleeding hearts are at it again. Undocumented immigrants means people who are here illegally. its the left way of sugar coating illegal immigrants, the politically correct way.

    Don't shed any tears for these folks who are being deported by ICE. They broke the law.

    Homeland chief: Illegal border crossings dip 40%

    The nation's Homeland Security chief said late Wednesday that illegal crossings at the U.S. southern border have seen "an unprecedented decline in traffic" that he says coincide with the president's new executive orders focusing on immigration laws.

    Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly said the drop -- as measured by arrests and people halted from entering the country at the border -- is around 40% for the first two months of the year. Typically, January and February are busy months for illegal border crossings.

    #Wonderful News
  • This is for all Trump supporters. I got pulled over for no reason and they backed off when I showed my state ID and my law student ID. First question they asked whether I spoke English good. What will happen to those struggling with English who are legal? Not trying to argue but just asking. There is a restaurant owned by Micronesians Who are getting harassed all the time. What do we do with them? Tell me!! Especially here in Mississippi! Y'all need to reach out to the communities! To know the effects.
  • Loyalty, did they say Trump asked them to pull you over? If not, please don't mention his name.
    They pulled you over because they are cracking down on illegal aliens. You may look alien to them. Prove to them you are not illegal, like what you just did.
    What's the harassment. If you believe they are being harassed, Help them seek assistance from authority.
  • With all due respect kinen the aggravation started with him right or no?
  • edited April 2017
    Y'all better live in the south to understand. I'm guessing saka (throwing some but don't know how things are for you
    ) would know this
  • Just show them the 1-94 and documents that showed you are a legal resident. If they take you to jail just tell you're lawyer to contact the FSM consulate and that will clear things up.

    The south will always be the south, ive been there and I understand. Ive been pulled over in Texas and in Georgia and in Alabama and I showed them those documents and nothing happened. They are not going to arrest you and deport you right there and then. You'll have your time to prove you are not a illegal alien.
  • You shouldn't be stopped in the first place but this administration has amplified it. Come back when you have lived here in this era and tell my brethren who are working legally and getting harassed daily for no reason but being brown. Come here! You
  • As suggested, live accordingly/responsibly and you will be good..
    The man is just doing his job. Support him.
  • Ive been stationed in the southern united states when I was in the Army. Its their job to stop people and ask them questions. All cops and law enforcement officers are thought to treat everyone has a suspect even in a routine traffic stop. That's how cops and sherrifs and everyone who work at that capacity are trained. That's how its been before Trump got into office. The first thing a cop does when he approach you is radio his/her position and then gets out the squad car then put his hand on his gun while he approach you to ascertain information.

    You act stupid and they will come down hard on you. Follow their instructions and nothing will happen. Its routine.
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