Pohnpei Studies Become the newest Core Subject in the Pohnnei Edcuational System

In addition to teaching Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science to the students in Pohnpei, eachers will have a new core subject to teach as the School Year 2017-2018 unwinds. The new subject will be will be instilling in our children knowledge about our Communities, Environments, Culture and Traditional Practices, and Communications. These four main concepts constitute the general layout of this new course of study. Forum members are welcome to share your nsights to this new course of study in our Educational System.


  • Corrections: Pohnpei Educational
  • Pohnpei Studies represents an exciting opportunity for Pohnpei Department of Education to simultaneously reinforce the necessity of a robust and equality education in the English language while reinforcing Pohnpeian language, culture, and values in a formalized setting. Further, by extending Pohnpei geography and history as part of an ECE to 12th grade curriculum in Pohnpei Studies, we can emphasize more global history and culture in our Social Studies courses, which we know from the implementation of the FSM Accreditation Procedures is sometimes lacking as rigorous an analysis of this as we want to offer our children.

    Interested members of the public can call the Department of Education for further information or await the third issue of the Peluhs newsletter, which will include a feature-length article describing the curriculum and how it will be implemented.
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