Where are you going?

Do let me know in this summer where you like to enjoy swimming guys. I am going to have to enjoy this venture in California through this and so sure this would be a cool thing for me to try. Do let me know what you will like to say about this. Is it cool, way or not?


  • In the summer season, swimming is the perfect activity which everyone wants to enjoy in this season. Nice to hear that for enjoying this activity you have selected California region. It is a nice region for exploring. I am sure you will enjoy it. According to me, it is a cool plan for you.
  • Again, I wouldn't recommend swimming in the California region as the waters there are cold and the beaches polluted with strands of blond pubic hair from surfer girls. One time, a friend of mine swam there and when he came out of the water, there were many strands of blond pubic hair stuck between his teeth. We had to take him to a dentist to get the pubic hair removed. The dentist billed my friend's dental insurance $159.78 for the procedure.

    After this, whenever my friend wanted to go for a swim, he often booked a vacation to Indoensia or Thailand where the oceans are clean and free from pubic hair pollution.

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