Basically, guys, I am a traveling freak and would like to have fun through this passion. I think this is a perfect way to get memories about different places and entertaining ourselves. these are my views about this. What's about you? I am looking for your replies.


  • What a coincidence, I am also a traveling freak like you. I really like to explore different kinds of places around the world and get memorable memories Anyhow, which kinds of places you like to explore in your life?
  • Hi Johnny, you wouldn't want to travel here to the FSM. The airfare is too expensive and we do not have modern tourist amenities similar to Guam and other nearby destinations like Indonesia, Thailand. In fact, I wouldn't recommend Guam over Indonesia and Thailand where you could get more fun for your money.
  • I am happy you replied me and shared your views about it. I like your recommendation. I must say that you are right these places a so expensive for tourists. In my life, I have only explored Thailand one time in mu life. But my experience was great there.
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