Few people will dispute that before Donald Trump became US President, he had no idea what the potential consequences would be of an American Tomahawk missile strike into a country like Syria.

Syria is generally called "Damascus" in the Bible, but in today's geopolitics, Syria is a Moslem country of about 50 million people, ruled by a dictator who, like the current North Korean leader, inherited his country's Presidency from his father, another dictator. One half of that country's total population are now fighting to oust that dictator. Since the Cold War, Syria became a Russian puppet after President Kennedy forced the Russians out of Cuba during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis and after Egyptian President Nasser expelled them (the Russians) after they failed to help Egypt and the other Arab states win the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. Since then, Russia remained Syria's principal underwriter until President Obama did nothing to keep Putin's Russia from establishing a military based in Syria for the first time, from which base Russian air forces use the base to directly attack anti-Assad forces in the on-going Syrian Civil War despite President Obama's promise that President Assad "must go." Only neighboring Turkey showed enough resolve against the physical Russian presence in the Syrian Civil War by shooting down a Russian fighter-bomber.

Today, the dynamic and dimensions to the Syrian problem are even more complex and explosive: The physical Russian support has obviously emboldened the Syrian dictator to use chemical weapons on his own people, believing nobody would dare oppose him directly. Syria continues to partner with Iran in hosting violent terrorism against Turkey and the West, and Israel; Israel meantime has diminishing patience and enough nuclear weapons to obliterate both Iran and Syria. Most western countries (i.e European) and pro-western nations in the Arab Region, i.e. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and even the smaller states like the UAE and Qatar are willing to line up behind an American strike in Syria or Iran, even against Russian elements in Syria, but would not want a Russian retaliation that could quickly escalate into a super-power nuclear exchange. But China definitely would like an escalation between Russia and the US in Syria, half the world away from the US-China tension in the South China Sea. Immediately after the Trump Missile Strike in Syria, Russia dispatched one of its warship into the Ease Mediterranean Sea just to show Russian offensive presence in the zone of war.

Naturally, before proposing the missile strike to President Trump, American generals and admirals definitely anticipated the speed and degree of calculated reaction from the Russians. (The fact that they decided to use warships-launched missiles in the operation also shows American calculations for minimum American casualties while providing themselves room for escalation or de-escalation as the unfolding military and political situations dictate). So, the question is, given all the historical and current strategic dimensions to the Syrian problem, what was President Trump's point in agreeing to the calculated missile strike??

I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the once irresponsible and reckless candidate Trump has suddenly matured and become pragmatic and measured as a new Commander in Chief. Although a lot of people and countries do agree with him to remove the Syrian dictator from Office and reverse the provocative Russian involvement in Syria and Iran, the path so far chosen by Commander in Chief Trump and his well-picked national security team has not only shown resolve and determination, but also shown reason and pragmatism given the potential risks and consequences of escalation or recklessness.

What a guy, this Donald Trump!


  • Yes, what a guy, this Donald Trump! He says one thing to get elected and then does exactly the opposite, He's classic hypocrite. image
  • In 2013, Trump was not the president, nor was he running for office ((Notice how all those tweets are dated 2013)). He was a private citizen who, according to his tweets, didn't believe intervention in Syria was the expedient thing for then-President Barack Obama to do.

    Now that Trump is the President of the United States, he has access to resources and intelligence to which he didn't have access before. Additionally, the situation in Syria has grown increasingly volatile. Bashar al-Assad's continued slaughter of his own people, as well as his repeated use of chemical agents like chlorine and sarin gas, has made it abundantly clear that the he will not play games of diplomacy. As such, a new approach is required.
  • The Free world looks to the US for leadership. You guys notice when America backs down and shy away its enemies are emboldened and make moves. Look at how Russia went into Ukraine or How Iran send its Qut forces into Syria to help Assay and Russia kill of Syrias citizens. And how China started went and armed the islands of the South China Sea. All these happened when America shied away and lead from the back during the Obama years. The U.N is solidly behind the US this time. Just few hours ago the Ambassador of Britain canceled a meeting with Russia and condemn what Syria has done. Right now The American people and the World want someone to step in and stop the violence that is happening in Syria. Trump is the First president the Arab people have supported in bombing a country in the middle east.

    The Democrats had their chance to lead but they shied away and lead from the back. Now America is leading from the front under a Republican and for the first time the Arab people support a US president who just bombed Syria.
  • Lol@PS...let the big boys cover this one. You stick to whatever you know best...bullshit!! Lol
  • Sabino: What does the attack on Syria have to do with Micronesia? Doesn't Micronesia have enough problems that need solutions, without turning the Micronesia Forum into a discussion group on Herr Drumpf? And what exactly qualifies you to answer such a question?
  • My friends Saka and Sarem Chuuk, don't be sore losers like all those Democrats. Move to Canada for the next four years if you still can't get over Donald. Or better yet, move back to Chuuk and help build our New Chuuk Republic!

    What qualifies me to cheer Commander in Chief Trump's calculated response (missile attack) to Assad's chemical attacks on the Syrian people?

    Two things:
    (1) I idolize strong leaders who are not afraid to implement reasonable strategic decisions (like Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Britian's Churchill who rallied the British people "to fight on the beaches, fight in the trenches, etc, and shall never surrender" against Hitler's conquest of the European Continent; or Israel's Defense Minister Moshe Dayan when he defeated Egypt and Syria with their superior numbers in 1967 and 1973);

    (2) Any American military action anywhere in the world has inevitable implications to America's "strategic denial" responsibilities over the FSM, and the proposed American military buildup in next door Guam. The FSM now has 10,000 citizens in Guam, and North Korea has been developing nuclear capabilities not only to hit the US West Coast but also to devastate Guam if the US continues to show weakness (like Obama did) or over reaction (like Trumpt sounded at the beginning of his Presidency). Now that President Trump has shown he can take his advisers' recommendation for limited action, there is reason to hope for rational relations with Mr
    Trump's "Great America."

    Please stop the extreme view of comparing President Trump to Herr Hitler. Trumps only tries to save his country by trying to deport illegal immigrants; Hitler exterminated legal innocent citizens. Show peace and tolerance for our democratically elected Trump. (Aren't you happy this wasn't Hilary? While Assad is spraying the people with chemicals, My Gosh, Hilary would be playing golf with Bill in the Bahamas!!) Let's show unity and pray for Donald during these Easter holidays.

    Happy Easter.

  • Thanks, Sabino. You answered my questions.
  • Pwipwi Taxi...PawnStar is better at bullshtting than presenting matured and measured responses to those who differ from him on opinions.

    He is an my comment was for him to leave it to u wisemen and wisewomen to enlighten us on what the attack means so we get some serious takes on it without back and forth political name

    Im with u on the praying and inevitable implications parts. Any war anywhere involving the U.S has no upside to the Micronesian region and her people.

    So whats now? Assad is still ordering more killings with 100% support from Russia. What then?

    Whats acceptable with respect to North Korea? Their provocative actions have been going on for decades and if China is in better position to influence NK for possible peace solution, why hasnt it been done already?

    Trump America first campaign slogan looses steam as world realities confront his young untested admin.

    Does FSM have Chinas ears on anything? Anyone from our FSM leadershio or Chuuks leadership talking to China about our precarious position given the constant threat from North Korea?

  • First Off.
    Sarem Chuuk
    about 18 hours ago
    Sabino: What does the attack on Syria have to do with Micronesia? Doesn't Micronesia have enough problems that need solutions, without turning the Micronesia Forum into a discussion group on Herr Drumpf? And what exactly qualifies you to answer such a question?

    Its really clear you are behind the usernames behind that "This is micromesia forum " not anything to do with US.

    . Dear Sarem, Please tell me Micronesia doesn't have a COFA. This Concern Us Because We Have A Agreement That Send Our Sons And Dauthers And Brothers And Sisters and hungles and auntys and cousins To US Wars To Get Out Our Reality. You Did To Escape Our Dream. Our Connections run Deep. We Fight Your Wars To Uphold Your Right To Spit On Micronesians. Thats Why You Will Never Get It. Try try try try...........
  • @SakaSaka

    All you had were excuses.

    Like he said : Get over it. Or Move to Canada. Or does it like the comfort the COFA offers it and its family! ?!?

    Either Support The Country You Live In Or Move Into The One You Do!

    You seem Like you like ISIS like country or North Korean type. Both would exterminate you. America stand for what you are doing. Which is express your right to free speech. Sadly North Korea And Muslim countries won't.
  • Sabino, Nice topic and precise to both points. Not biased not one sided and no name calling.
  • Trump notified Putin of the attack in advance. Then just 12 hours after the attack, Assad's air force used the same airfield to bomb civilians. image
  • Its common knowledge for the US and Russia to Notify each other when conducting offensive/defensive ops in a locality where both have forces present. Its called in the military world "good intend". The US notified Russia that it was going to conduct a offensive ops in that airbase to show Russia and the world the US didn't do it just for the sake of bombing that airfield.

    Russia acknowledged that the US gave it warning prior to the attack. It shows the US didn't blatantly attacked for no reason. It was also used by Kennedy in the Cuban missile crisis and many before Trump.


    Look for another angle.
  • As we speak the U.S just send the Carl Vinson carrier strike group to Korea after North Korea conducted another Missile test.

  • as cordial and rational and law abiding as anyone you can find. I dont rant and make excuses as you claim. Like many other FSMers, i have loved ones who have had served and still serve in the armed forces of this great nation. Unlike others like you who argue through a tunnel vision of political extremism, i see my opportunities, i acknowledge my shortcomings, i accept my mistakes, i own my actions and my words, i respect people even those who differ in their views of the world from me, i stand my ground on family values without belittling others, and i know i am NOT always right.

    Keep posting, i do enjoy your wild and exaggerated claims...they make me laugh so kunisou chapur, kalangan, kulo, komol tata, sulang, kammagar, si yu'os ma'ase and thank you. Carry on buddy.
  • Then show support even if it hurts. Im far from a Trump fan but he share the same ideals and goals and believes as I.
  • There is a start.. at least u realize as president of the most powerful nation on earth, everything u did then, said then, do now and say now...true or false matter. Your criticism over Obamas decision to maintain u.s military involvement at some levels in multiple middle east countries now should apply to Trump.

    Whats his policy toward Syria? Let Syrian people decide or not? These people been trying for yrs to rid Assad. At least Obama had a clear policy...Isis first and Assad after n must go.

    Whats bombing an an empty airfield does to the dying and ongoing ateocities?

    Time will tell...but for now, nothing seems to change to horror in Syria..snd Trump still wont accept these suffering mothers and whats the point of the wasted millions in bombing if Assad still sits n kills.
  • So who is desperate now, Donald? image
  • I once Supported Obama. I took the " change" hook like and sinker. I believed he would bring change but he didn't. Obama cared only about his public image and his legacy. He tried to please everybody and looked where it got him.

    And he didn't have a clear policy. He had us running around all over 9 countries in the middle east fighting with one hand while the other hand is tied behind out back. Yes, he bombed ISIS but, air power alone has never won a war! I had a legit reason to criticize Obama. Not because of party lines but because of his bad leadership and inactions and lack of leadership initiatives.

    The Syrian war has been going on since 2011. The media and the Obama and democrats didn't care about what was happening there. The Syrians were using barrel bombs filled with Chlorine to attack its own people yet Obama, the media and democrats didn't do a godamnned thing. They just condemned what the Syrians were doing. But now that a new administration is in charge and see that the Syrians are using Sarin gas to attack its own people one of the "red lines " put forth by the Obama administration. Public mood in the US agree with what Trump did. Hell Americans want the US to step in and end the slaughter.

    Now what we are seeing is the media along with the democrats using "Syrian live matters" as a way to attack DJT. During the Obama years all 3 didn't care about Syria but now they all do.
  • What does the missile strikes on Syria means? It means the US and the World can not sit back any longer and watch a dictator commit genocide on his own people. It also means the days of US letting dictators run free are gone.

    When people say this does not concern us in Micronesia they are living in a fantasy world. Micronesia is the only place outside the US that allow Micronesians to take the oath of enlistment into the US Military. Since the US Policy of the present dictate the US military to lead this is relevant to Micronesians.
  • It also means a change in Policy.

    Obama Policy

    Trump policy
  • I think PawnStar did it and blamed it on Syrian Government to discredit Assad and give the Zionists (Neo-Cons) a false pretext to launch Tomahawk missiles into Syria.

    Remember when Oswald stared at the camera in that black and white footage and said "I'm just a patsy"? He was most likely not lying.
  • Hahaha someone has been wearing tin foil over their head for waaay to long. From a good source in the Whitehouse I heard it was the Easter bunny that did it.
  • Thanks PawNStar. No need to explain. lol
  • PawnStar, I am deeply moved by your comments, so much so that I even went looking for your real Papa as penance for my Easter sins. And guess what? I found your Papa!

  • I also managed to dig up your real birth certificate and found your real Momma's identity. You can thank me later, but for now, it is more important for you to meet her.

    Here she is
  • Ain't that Sanda Claus? He is also behind the 9/11 attacks.

    Coconutz, go play by the side of the road.
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