The State of Hawaii hasn't taken any refugees from the banned countries!


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Hawaii has landed at the forefront of a national controversy after blocking President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration.

The problem? Hawaii takes in zero refugees from the nations blocked in Trump’s order.

In 2015, Hawaii brought in a whopping seven refugees; one from the Ukraine, one from China and five from Burma – none of which are Middle Eastern countries notorious for exporting extremists.

So, as Steven Crowder puts it, “Hawaii is doing now what leftists worldwide do every day: change and enforce the rules for everyone but themselves.”

“The State of Hawaii will certainly not have any major role when it comes to refugee relocation,” reads the Newsline article. “The state however wants to play a major role in molding the immigration and resettlement policy through the legal process.”

The reality is that Hawaii is restrictive for refugees because of both the high cost of living and its location. In other words, Hawaii is the definition of an elitist state that wants to influence what the rest of the nation does.

This article was written by a gay man who knows the threat that faces the homeland.


  • Micronesians shouldn't be supporting this move made by the AG of Hawaii. The State of Hawaii is A democrat controlled state. In the past years anti Micronesian news and headlines were put on T.V and these made the people of Hawaii hate us. Now President Trump is installed and all of a sudden the democrats of Hawaii are our friends. Don't forget what the state and democrats of Hawaii did to us.
  • Somebody has mentioned in the news that Hawaii's position against the temporary ban includes the assertion that it has a negative economic impact against the state. However, it's also noted that no single tourist from any of those 7 identified countries has come as a tourist to Hawaii in the recent years. As such, Hawaii should not worry about negative impact on its economy when it comes to tourists from Somalia, Libya and those other countries as identified by Obama and now Trump administration.
  • You got that right at @marc, the other basis for the AG of Hawaii to put a hold on the ban was he claimed it would hurt the tourism business of Hawaii. No Muslim in their right mind would go to Hawaii for vacation. Short skirts and short pants and women wearing bikini's is a big no no in their culture & religion. Majority of Hawaii tourists are from Japan, Korea, Australia, and western Europe. I've seen some of the tourism charts of Hawaii and not one single person came from those banned countries to Hawaii.
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