U.S. Agency Funding MLSC is Proposed to Get Zero Funding Under Trump's Budget


MLSC get about 70% of its funding from LSC. Please be aware of this potential problem for Micronesian here at home and abroad.


  • It's the first of many Trump cutbacks to come. He needs this money to build his wall, deport more people, reward his billionaire friends, and to invade several countries to be named soon.

  • The bigger issue is the fact that if the proposed budget by the Republican President passes in the Republican Congress then thousands of Micronesians (Palauans, Saipanese, Yapese, Kosraeans, Chuukese, Pohnpeians and Marshallese) will be affected. No more free lawyers (attorneys or trial counselors) for adoptions, guardianship documents for traveling families, name changes, land disputes, terminations from government and private jobs, suing greedy employers and so forth. In my opinion, the impact would be terrible for the thousands that rely on MLSC. The rate set by the court for work done by experienced attorneys in the FSM is $125/hour. At this rate, a garden variety adoption would be around $450 while land disputes could reach six figures.
  • Lets hope his dreamed budget does not go any further...
  • I rather pay takes to have a wall build then pay for lazy folks to sit back and collect welfare.
  • I am 500% in agreement with you there, PwaNStaR. Build the wall and let those lazy beings pay for their own stuff including condoms.
  • Microspring2014

    With such a dilemma, I am sure our Congress would provide 100% local funding to support the work that the MLCS does for our people.
  • Hehehehe.....that is true. Congress will (or should I say may) fund MLSC and they will continue to sue the Governments on behalf of the people. Good Luck!
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